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My account - view my bill

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My account - view my bill

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I cannot access view my bill.  No matter how I try.  I even resorted unto live chat with absolutely no help at all for the first time in any of the issues I have occupied the live chat reps with.  I was forwarded unto the community. 


Can someone please help me to access the view my bill site?


Thank you very much



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Re: My account - view my bill

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What exactly is the issue you are having? It's going to be pretty difficult for anyone here to even begin to help you without knowing what the issue is.


Do you not have a login? Is the page not displaying? Are you getting an error? What browser are you using?


Keep in mind that these are peer-to-peer support forums, so we don't have the access that Verizon reps do to see what's wrong. The best we can do is try to recreate and then resolve your problem. Smiley Happy

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Re: My account - view my bill

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can't  see my bill


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Re: My account - view my bill

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Try a different web browser.

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Re: My account - view my bill

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Re: My account - view my bill

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I have been having problems at times with "View My Bill" and downloading it.


This has been happening quite often. This happens AFTER I get my email notication from Verizon, saying "Your Bill is ready" for the month. I would Log-in into my account and click "View My Bill" and nothing, just a blank screen. 


I on a Mac using Safari 5.1.7. The interesting thing is, sometimes I'm able to view and download my bill and most of the time no. Strange, isn't it?


Can YOU help? Any ideas? 


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