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My support experience (constructive)

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My support experience (constructive)

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Trying hard to not rant ..


I've been a fios customer for over 1 year and a wireless customer for much longer. I've got 1-bill set up, everything was going fine. Until I logged in recently to pay my bill and was told I needed to merge my .com and .net account and the fun begins.


1 - firstly, I never created a .net account that I know of. Why I suddenly need to merge it in is beyond me.


2 - I tried a few passswords, and got locked out. The error message listed a phone number to call to unlock (I later found out that normally there's a secret question process to reset the password, but I had no question on file. Possibly because I never created an account)


3 - I call the number on the site. I'm asked for my phone number, which I enter. After listening to a bunch of information I don't care to hear, I get a representative .. from verizonwireless. This is apparently the wrong person. She redirects me back to the top of the menu I just went through.


4 - ok take 2. I tell the voice thing I don't have a verizon phone and give my account number instead. This time I get the fios person. But they can't help me with website issues. Redirect to the web team (or something)


5 - I eventually get a person (on hold for a while) it turns out that this person services not .. redirect.


6 - This time I get but they tell me they can't help with account locks (or something) .. redirect.


7 - This time there is little hold time but the guy I get is from billing. I explain what's been happening and he offers me 3 months of cinemax - I take it.  ... redirect.


8 - I this time I get the "fiber team" or something and the guy is able to reset my password which I then type into the merge page and finally get through. He also tells me about this forum.


Almost every jump in the above involved a series of menu options not matching my needs (probably because I was in the wrong place), re-entering account information, verification and hold times.


Despite the above, I was courteous to everyone I spoke with (though it took every ounce of my patience towards the end) and I fully believe the people I talked to were trying to help. The process overall was just pathetic. I lost over an hour of my time resetting a password for an account I never created so it an be merged with an account I've been using without issue for over a year??


This is not the first bad experience I have with your support and being passed around. While I believe each 'cell' of your support system probably does its job very well, the system as a whole is badly broken.  I use verizon because you offer the best service. As is stands, the moment someone offers me an equal deal, I'll be jumping ship based on the fact that I can't ever get to the right person efficiently.


Hopefully, whoever at verizon reads this (assuming someone does) appreciates that I'm taking time out to try and provide useful feedback to make your service better.

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Re: My support experience (constructive)

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Thank you for the feedback, we appreciate it. Sorry you had a frustrating experience. It sounds like you eventually got what you needed. If you need further assistance, please let me know. You can send me a private message.


I will pass your customer service feedback on.



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Re: My support experience (constructive)

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7 - This time there is little hold time but the guy I get is from billing. I explain what's been happening and he offers me 3 months of cinemax - I take it.  ... redirect.


What was his number again.........;-)

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Re: My support experience (constructive)

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Seems they like to give HBO/Cinemax away on 3-month trials a lot ... I recently upgraded an SD STB to HD  and they gave me a free 3-month HBO/Cinemax trial (showed up as a $25.99 charge with a $25.99 credit).   Nice.


Caveat ... don't forget to cancel the free trial prior to the expiration of the 3-month trial or those $25.99 credits will stop occurring and you'll be paying the regular price.   🙂



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