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New Married Last Name

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New Married Last Name

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My suggestion: If you get married and change your last name, as most women do, don't bother trying to change your profile on the Verizon website. I've just spent 45 minutes trying to make the change. Initially, I attempted to change my profile directly on the website but there is no option to change your name. So I used the on-line chat. Justin told me to change it in View Account. I told him I couldn't find anywhere to do it. After several minutes, he gave me an 800 number to call. Turns out the number was for Verizon Wireless only and although they were helpful, they didn't make the change to the website. They transferred me to a Verizon number where they also couldn't help me but said that if I deal directly with their website support, they should be able to make the change. I was transferred to Ambria. Her diction was so bad I had to have her repeat herself twice. She said she couldn't make the change, that it has to be done from billing. Well, before I could tell her that my name is correct on my bill, it's only wrong on the website, she transferred me to another Verizon number. Then I had to choose which department I wanted. I chose "Billing" and I got a message telling me they are only open during normal business hours! Absolutely ridiculous that such a simple task can be such a colossal waste of time. Thanks for stealing a portion of my precious time off...
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