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New Order...pkg seems off

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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New Order...pkg seems off

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So I've placed an order to have Fios Triple play installed.  I did it with a chat agent along the way.  I had picked the free multi-room DVR, Ultimate HD, etc.


First, she told me all the premiums were included, which they weren't.  Had to add HBO, showtime/starz, etc.


Then when it came time to add the set top boxes it changed the DVR from free to $10, so in reality I'm not getting the so-called deal.  When I asked her about that, she said that it was too late to change and I wouldn't be able to get the $300 Visa card.  I also asked and she guaranteed it was the new DVR box, but I'm seeing people now on waiting lists for this thing. 


After reading everyone's posts I'm starting to get very scared about Verizon.  I have Time Warner, though, so they're kings of bait-and-switch.  


Should I cancel my order and go into a store and speak to a person?  Should I re-do it and pick the gift card instead?  Any help would be great.  Installation date is 2/29 so I've got a little bit of time, but I'm getting nervous. 

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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Re: New Order...pkg seems off

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Unfortunatly it sounds like you ended up with a rep. who didn't know their stuff or just got a shabby one which Verizon is known to have. I have the Ultimate package as well as I just upgraded from Prime although I never used a rep. to help get me through it.

I dont know why they would say all movie channels are included. I even checked the channel listings in the package before upgrading and HBO, Starz, and Encore were not included.....although Showtime is. It might vary from where one lives, dont know.

I had to order HBO by itself, but did get a 50% off for a year offer.


I dont understand why she said it was to late to get the $300 visa. All you had to do was start the order over and pick it.

She could have said that. To me it sounds like she just wanted you to complete the order.

Did you pick the 2 year contract or a month to month plan?


I honestly wouldn't take her word on the DVR. I know she guaranteed it, but I've read people have been getting older/used DVR's. It really depends on your location though. I know in Florida certain areas only have the newer boxes. Maybe that $10 fee is because its the newer one. I cant say.


Now you could cancel, but I believe once you cancel they either wont let you order again for 6 months or it will show you as already previously ordering and you wont be able to get any of the special offers anyways so its really a matter of sticking with it or not. You could always go talk to someone at a store before cancelling and see if you can re-do it with the other offers. See what they have to say and if they can do anything then go from there. That's honestly what I would do if I were in your situation.


I dont have the new black 500gb set top box, rather I have the silver one just before it. I've heard there's a lot of bugs with the new boxes so even if you get the silver one that has less space, it may work out for you.

You can always upgrade later although theres a $40 fee for it. You can also use an esata hard drive with the silver box.


I've had fios for a year and half and I personally love it after having been with Brighthouse/Time Warner prior to it who were very expensive and not even wiling to offer me any specials. My father in law is paying $250 a month for Bright House for pretty much same package I have except he has Starz/Encore, but is still a good $100 cheaper.

I know a lot of people complain about fios and their customer serivce. I have been one who has never had an issue knock on wood. I know these days after you've had fios for awhile they offer you upgrades online which they never used to do. Cable compaines dont do that. When I went to try to keep my Bright House bill down they told me to bad so sad and could have cared less that I was going to cancel and switch to fios.

Fios seems to be a hit or miss with people though.


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Re: New Order...pkg seems off

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This message is the reason I am reluctant to place an order for fios.  I configured a  triple play fios order online which has  ultimate tv  including ALL the premium channels (including hbo). It aso includes a free dvd and a free stb for life..

The cost is about $85 a month less than I now pay for time-warner  cable plus a verizon land line.

I held back in placing the order because it sounded too good to be true.  Now the above post confirms my fears.. 


Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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Re: New Order...pkg seems off

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I would confirm that ALL of the movie channels are included by checking the channel listings for your area for the package. I have never heard of HBO, Starz, and Encore being a part of it although I wouldn't put it past Verizon to have it included in certain states/areas. They may say its included, but make sure it isn't an added on free offer for a year or something. In most cases it is.


Heres the channel lineup.


If theres a solid red star next to the channel, its not included. (EDIT: If you are in NY then they are for sure included)


As far as being to good to be true it isn't. Just do the ordering online yourself without talking to someone who may make you pick the wrong choices. Even before submitting the order they give you monthly estimated payments and tell you exactly what you get and even list discounts/promos. The choices and ordering process really is easy and isn't that hard to understand. I am paying a good $100 less then what my father in law pays for cable for the same stuff.

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