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Not sure if I am In the Right Place but I Will Give it a Shot

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Not sure if I am In the Right Place but I Will Give it a Shot

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Hello- I have been with Verizon for about 4 years. I still have the same phone I got when I initially signed up.  It is a MOTO with everything turned off except incoming and outgoing calls.  I made a "big move" to a 3G USB device because the thought of being able to drive and get on the internet seemed cool.  that worked OK but when the MIFi came out, I went for that in hopes when I was home I could put it out on the porch and not get dropped calls so much.


I now am up for the New Every Two for the cell phone and the data device.  I heard also that they are doing away with New Every Two so I might be too late.  I would also like to take a big jump for me and get a smartphone or the iPhone.


I am not good at all at picking this technical stuff up.  I am on my 3 MacBook pro, and still I mess it up for doing something stupid.  the 4G LTE seems cool but I can't et a good picture of what it looks like in the Salt Lake City area.  On my computer it looks like most of the Salt Lake City area is 4G extended and some 3G which I heard can be a nightmare by dropping when you move from 3G to 4GLTE. Somebody emails me sending me the map and saying it was all burgundy being 4G LTE tops with minimal $G extended.  I do not see how they got this but the map they sent me it looks like that.


I am not clear if the 4G LTE services and products are just making their debut or I should wait awhile until the network expands some.  I was under the impression by the 4G USB device and the bill inserts that Verizon was full force selling their 4GLTE products.


since I have a New Every Two (if it is still good) for my MOTO phone and the MIFI2200, I can get $35 for the phone and $50 for the MIFI. In looking at the products I saw the Droid X which has outstanding reviews except for the battery. One post said he bought  an extended battery and it made a big difference. If I would like to get rid of the MIFi and get a new phone, would the Droid X be something that would take over for the phone and the internet and the 3G connection?  Would there be any reason to wait until this same phone came out in 4G and once I find out where Salt Lake City, UT is with the 4G network, get a 3G phone?


I do not have a natural ability to use these devices, in fact I am not sure what exactly this phone would take over.  it sounded like it would be a phone, text, skype phone (not sure what a skype phone is but I do know skype) an internet device all in 3G.

any help in this  major question.  I do not expect anybody to tell me what to do.  I posted this type of question before & I got nailed by a few guys for wanting someone else to make up my mind for me.  I am looking for suggestions, recommendations, what this phone actually does since i am not familiar with the droid OS.


Thanks for any help or suggestions.  I will take them all as just one's opinion and suggestions.


In Full Appreciation!

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Re: Not sure if I am In the Right Place but I Will Give it a Shot

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Welcome to the community. Wireless has a world of its own. You may want to copy your post to the wireless community. You would probably get many more responses. Here is a link to point you in the correct location..

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