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PATHETIC Customer Service

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PATHETIC Customer Service

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Recently, Ive had the MOST unpleasant 'commuication' with FIOS so-called customer service...


My billing account CLEARLY reads 'previous balance'; then 'new activity' and finally 'TOTAL AMOUNT DUE'


My 'issue' with these less-than-pleasant individuals it that I HAD no-previous balance; and my 'AMOUNT DUE' was wildly inflated.


I got some runaround about the invoive was PRINTED before Verizon rec'd my PAYMENT (not that the payment was LATE, but because thhe 'new' billing was printed earlier than necessary..so the BILLING INFO is WRONG 'intentionally'...I spoke to one man who PROMISED a call back from 'a manager'...ONE week later; no phone call....recently called back getting even more insanity from a 'SERVICE rep'...absolutely NO HELP from her; adding to my frustration; and after put on 'hold' for sometime; got to speak to a 'manager'; named TANYA....Tanya was rude immediately...interrupting me during my FIRST sentence; then commited  'QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE' suicide by hanging up on me within minutes...already predtermined that I was somehow 'trouble'...I called back again; speaking to yet another 'quality rep'; and this time after intentionally put on HOLD for sometime; was PROMISED again to have a 'return-call' by a MANAGER (obviously they are all very busy watching COMCAST; and can't readily be disturbed!)....A G A I N   no call-back....


It is RUDE, and totally unacceptable for a paying customer to purposely get what Verizon considers this kind of quality 'SERVICE'.


It is ALSO unacceptable not to EXPECT an ACCURATE billing...instead of lame 'nothing we can do' excuses....If; as an employee of Verizon, you admit to nt being able to do 'anything'.....QUIT YOUR JOB....its called 'CUSTOMER SERVICE' FOR A REASON

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pathetic Customer Service

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I've read so much of this blog...and the majority of complaints are from irate customers (such as myself) about PATHETIC customer service; IMPROPER billing; and LYING about having 'managers' CALL BACK...while we SIT and WAIT for these morons to get off their coffee breaks....


WE should all send Verizon a message...........DROP THESE BUMS....they're are other options!!


I'm shopping around for a better deal and a PROMISE of 'real' customer service...



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Re: PATHETIC Customer Service

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Hello BobC65,

I noticed you have an issue that you seem to need assistance with. Have you been able to resolve the issue?

I'll be happy to escalate it for you if you respond that you are still having problems.



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