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Posting a complaint

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Searched to find a corporate email address where I can complain, since I cant find one i'll vent here.


I had a Verizon Wireless account for 10 years, canceled and ported my account since work is paying for my mobile services. I tried to sign up for Verizon Fios, on the credit check it says I have an unpaid balance on the account. I called and the representative told me theres no balance, I asked if it could have come from Wireless since I have never had a residential account, she told me NO. I was told the issue was taken care of so I did not inquire further.


I get an email from Verizon saying I need to pay my balance immediately. Once again I call to be told the same thing, there is no balance but it is showing up on my credit. I cannot submit a order for service so my fiance signs up instead. We have our service installed, I think everything is ok.


I get another email from Verizon, titled "Urgent", saying I need to pay the balance on my account. More holding, more tranfers. Apparently its coming from Verizon Wireless but they cant fix the issue. I've asked for written documentation saying I do not owe the balance, no one can seem to provide that to me as well. I called Verizon Wireless and they "think" its because even though I FULLY PAID MY FINAL BILL, it will not show up until next bill date, December 17th. The representatives solution was to check my account tomorrow and see if theres a new bill. This STILL DOES NOT CORRECT VERIZONS ERROR. The representative could not tell me for sure that I would not continue getting these emails.


The way the Verizon representatives are handling YOUR error is ridiculous. I have spent 5 hours calling and talking to representatives because of VERIZONS SYSTEM ERROR. I expect the ERROR to be corrected immediately and be given a credit to my finance's Fios account for my trouble. 

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A few quick suggestions to help you on your quest:


  • This is a peer-to-peer forum.  Verizon does not provide direct support here.  You need to contact them through their standard support channels if you want to talk to them.
  • If you problem is with Verizon Wireless, that is a different company.  This board serves Verizon residential users. You need to visit http://www.verizonwireless.com/ to find contact options for Verizon Wireless.
  • One last suggestion; while phone calls can often be helpful, carefully worded letters (physical mail), carry more weight.  You might even want to send them certified to establish a record, should it come to that.

Good Luck.


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