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Prepaid Visa Card

Prepaid Visa Card

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I have been reading the comment on the promised prepaid Visa cards that no one seems to be getting, well the same goes for me.  They tell you one thing so they can lock you in for the term of the contract  and then when it comes time for the card to come in  the mail, nothing!!!!  When I signed up with them for the two year contract, I was told my bill would be so much for the first 2 months, then it would go up, and I mean a big jump in price for the next 12 mths. and then after that it would go up again, $30.- to be exact, for the last 12 mths of the 2 yr. contract.  I would also get the $250.- prepaid card.  I thought ok, the card would kind of even things out for the last 12 mths of the contract.  I even asked several times while speaking with the rep., "AND I GET THE CARD ALSO?!"  They told me yes.  Well today I called to see where my card was and they tell me no I was not getting the card, that the reason my bill is $30 cheaper the first 12 mths, was taking the place of the prepaid card.  That is a flipping lie.  That is not what was told to me when I signed up.  They have you where they want you, locked in a two yr. contract and want you to fulfill your  part of the agreement, but they don't want to fulfill theirs.  I WILL NEVER GO WITH VERIZON AGAIN!!!  There are other pickings out there and are cheaper and just as good.  I have been with them a LONG time and you would think they would want to keep there loyal customers.  I always thought they were the best, but as of today, I have a whole different perspective on Verizon.  How could they lie to their customers like that!??!  It looks like I am not the only one either because I have been reading other peoples comments and who to say how many of the comments have been pulled!!


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We sent you a message on our private support board to assist you and we did not receive a response.  Please repost the issue if you are still experiencing a problem so that we may assist you.  Tonya C.

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