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Price increase during 2 year contract?

Price increase during 2 year contract?

Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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I just got my paperless statment for 8/1 (yes, Verizon's automated system takes 9 days to deliver a statement dated the first of the month, but that's another story) and I noticed my charges have been increased by $6/month.


I did get a notice from Verizon saying that the cost of set top boxes and multi-room DVR was being increased, but it was my understanding that the increase wouldn't happen until the end of my two year contract which has 19 months remaining.


Did I mis-understand?   Can Verizon increase prices in the middle of a fixed agreement?  Or is this a billing mistake?   If they can increase prices in the middle of a 2 year deal, what's the point of agreeing to the 2 year deal in the first place?


I'll appreciate any insight.



Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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they only guarantee the basic plan rate.  Not the extras like STB's.

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Gold Contributor IV
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I guess I missed that in the fine print.   I'll have to keep that in mind next time my contract comes up for renewal. 



Contributor dvckev
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Yea, my boxes all went up by $2.00 each as well on my current bill. I thought I also had a two year agreement. Looks like I'll be dumping FIOS and going back to Comcast or Direct TV. So much for Verizon just like every other company a piece of crap raising my cost when I'm faked into thinking it was a set price for two years...8 more mothns and good riddance....

Contributor FredburgHokie
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I was surprised by this too.  Only 5 more months and I'm switching back to DirecTV!

Copper Contributor MLSfan22
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Five different CSR's assured me of the price lock guarantee for the duration of my contract before I signed up. Now in the middle of my contract I have to pay a lot more?? It doesn't matter which item they decide to increase the price later; more money is more money out of my pocket. That's not supposed to happen with a long term contract. Not only I'm switching to another service provider once this contract expires but every forum/message board there's a cable/satellite discussion going on I'll be there warning people about the Verizon bait-and-switch they will fall victim to if they sign long term contract with this company! Potential victims have the right to know.

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Signed up for a 2 yr contract and the sales rep also stated my price is fixed.  Now I see my box prices went up and when I called all cs could say were they only guaranteed the service price, not the equipment.  This is a classic bait and switch and a clear cut text book example of how not to treat customers to retain loyalty.  I did like Fios but I also like Cable.  The only reason I switched was price.  If Verizon wants to treat me like this than hasta la vista baby, you will never get me back.Many case studies show how long it takes to win back a dissatisfied customer and how many dissatisfied customers tell other potential customers of their lousy service...  Tons since we want to punish the company. FIOS scammed me and I am very bitter!  Don't give me the crap it was in the fine print of my contract, no one reads that crap, we count on the sales rep to be honorable. 

Contributor Tdeleon11
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Not only did my prices go up during my 2 yr contract, but when I called to ask why it happened I was told I don't have a contract. They have me on a month to month basis. If that's true why did I recieve the promised $300 credit for locking in a 2 year agreement??????

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