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Price increase

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Just got tagged by Verion with a whalloping 53% increase in my monthly billing.  After conversations with several agents it turned out that the price guarantee they gave me a year ago (almost exactly) was a sham.  I even have it in writing that my prices will not go up for 2 years.  So theoretically they should continue with the old price.

But here is the catch:

They put into the system that my price is the one I received today, BUT they gave me a discount for the first year.  

So in actuality the PRICE IS GUARANTEED, but the discount is not.

Thus the guarantee they have is worthless. 

It's just a gimmick to get you to sign up. 

In all my years in business, I never saw anything like this.  And I unfortunately have dealt with a lot of characters in various parts of the world.  Even the Russian Mafia does not make such backhanded promises.


Unfortunately true.
Looks like Cablevision will get my business again. 

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Not sure what price you were paying or what you expected.  I had a two year price lock and that two years is now up on 4/1.  I called and informed the agent that its really not fair that new customers get a better deal there needs to be some sort of customer rentention discount.  


So, I have the Internet and TV with a price lock at $79 to go up to $89.  The agent said they would give me a $10 customer royalty discount.  I haven't seen it yet but that is a nice gesture.  No one else (Cablevision included) treats their existing customers with any class.  All they want the new subscriber.


Well, we would hate to see you leave.  The Cablevision service is sub par that Its not even worth switching.  The TV service constantly pixilates and  the box is slow.  The Internet speeds on Cable are a fraction of FIOS.  


Not really why you would even think of going to Cablevision to a far less superior product.


Just my 2 cents worth.


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Thanks for the post Jim.  When I received an ad from Verizon last year they said that I would get all 3 services for only $69.95 plus tax for a year but on the phone the sales rep extended it to 2 years.  However, my first bill came in at $152.96 and I promptly contacted Verizon to correct it.  They did and their VP assured me that they would honor the price for 2 years. On their website and statements however they always showed a higher price with a discount.  After straightening this out, the bills started coming in at $79.95 which included tax etc. But as the year went on, the prices stated to increase and the last bill I paid in Feb 2011 was already $90.21.  Still not bad but not per the agreement.  Then the March bill came in at $137.33 and this made me hit the roof.  I called and was advised that the best they could do was to give me a $5 per month discount. OR - alternatively, I could go with a new package price for 2 years at over $147.00 per month. Cablevision's promotion now is $69.95/mo for basically the same service. AND no tax. 

I would not have minded paying $90/mo but being dupped into a service that literally doubled from one month to another despite their VP's assurance that I would be covered for 2 years, really is not fair or ethical. 

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My recent experience is that Verizon is not offering loyalty discounts any longer. I have been on FIOS for about 5 years. My bill only goes up. Over $220 now and set to go up further when some existing discounts expire. I am considering switching back to cable but know the service quality will not be the same.
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@Dougp1122 wrote:
... My bill only goes up ... I am considering switching back to cable but know the service quality will not be the same.

You have pretty much summarized the situation.  Verizon Internet, phone, and TV services are arguably superior to any other offerings in the marketplace, yet they refuse to charge the same prices as the inferior competition.


Now there's a radical business model.

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Too much problem with the price. Everyone should watch out before sign the agreement. Otherwise, you will get stuck for 2 year price increase each month.
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