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Renew billing price and forced to switch phone service what a joke my bill is $250

Renew billing price and forced to switch phone service what a joke my bill is $250

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1 week and 6 different reps 3 on phone 1 a manager 3 online.2 days agoi spoke with lady on phone said  I COULD get freedom essentials home phone with my bundle renewed.NOW all of a sudden no matter who i talk to i cant unless i keep paying $250 .My cell bill is $60 for basic phones plus tax .I get offer for triple play cause quad play is no longer available so no more quad play discount.My offers bring me $70 jump from what my current 2 year is at but time for renewal.I dont want digital phone crap why should i need to switch and dial area codes and not have phone after power goes out  for more than 8 hours.

Why is it every time i talk to different people my bundle price is way different each time?Would you like to explain this i cannot get a  answer.I want fios extreme tv no i dont want your "Free showtime hbo crap"I want my internet speed 25/25 or even go to the higher quantum crap how much more will that cost me?And i want my normal freedom essentials home phone no digital.Then i will add my cell bill add 2 dvr boxes  and be under $$ .Are Online prices cheaper?If i could select my phone plan no digital yes it would be.

If i cancel my service then make new order can i recieve the 2 year $89 plan with a $250 gift card as well?I mean i might as well do that why dont you reward current customers .

Please answer and explain my questions and comments not just cherry pick one or two out of there like you choose to.

My current first 2 year contract was a price raising disaster along with major pixilation issues for what 1 1/2 years? 40 house calls yes i have 3 local service techs personal cell phone numbers 3 ONT replacements hundreds of phone calls many man hours on the phone and losing sleep for service techs to work on it.Get one issue fixed now pricing is another issue still for 2 years.


BTW my first call to your sales team tonight. I was offered a double play for $119 then i could pay $30 for home phone hard wired then add my cell bill so i could pay more than a normal bundle as well.What is going on????  do you record phone calls go listen to it better yet get me the phone call i had with a lady the other day so i can show i could get my current home phone bundled in a renewal contract i just tryed to get online pricing before commiting now its a different story.

You seem to want us to go to other providers.By my next 2 year renewal i will get dial up internet ,Cans on a string phone ,10 channels on tv and i will owe you my house.I mean come on lets get with the times here honor your prices stop the upsell i feel like im dealing with a escort service.nickle and dime nickle and dime.

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 Glad we were able to get thus resolved for you.  Please let us know if you need any addidtional assistance.



Tonya D.

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