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SORRY for the following rant.

SORRY for the following rant.

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I've had Cox cable in RI for over thirty years and have never had much of a problem with them outside of the very high cost. However, Verizon is no bargain at reducing the cost, I'm only saving about $10. despite the promises of reducing the costs considerably if we signed with them. The reduction in cost is the only reason we signed on.  The original price was going to be considerably less until they started to add on boxes and stuff. The ad that is run on tv about the extra charges is very on the money.   I also hate the website and email page because of all the ads, etc., something I barely had with Cox Cable on the home page & definitely no ads on email. I've always used Outlook for email and never had an ad show up.  So now why do I get them since I switched to Verizon.  I've tried to eliminate parts of the home page with the customizing button but that doesn't solve the problem of useless info being displayed.  It isn't a clean page, very busy and garish.  I would love to clean up the home page down to the barebones, such as, local weather, local and us news, tv listings but that definitely will not happen with Verizon.  Verizon should check out the Cox Cable home page for ideas on what a home page should look like.  As for the TV, I hate having to have boxes for all the tvs in the house because Verizon is incapable of doing a direct wiring and the fact that they charge for the boxes due to this incapability is especially galling.  I don't understand why I should have to pay for something just because Verizon can't do the job right. I also don't understand what the deal is with clicker.  There are a lot of useless buttons and not one of them will do  what they are supposed to do.  Hopefully, I won't have to deal with Verizon for too long as we are planning on moving south and they don't have Verizon where I'm moving to.

SORRY for the rant but I'm really disgusted with Verizon and with myself for letting myself get duped and for trusting.

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