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Shockingly Poor Customer Service

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Shockingly Poor Customer Service

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I just had a surprising customer service experience.  I am a bundle customer, which means that I purchase internet, phone, TV, and wireless all in one bundle, for about $400 a month.  I previously agreed to an electronic bill to be sent to my Verizon e-mail account.  Once it arrives each month, I pay it electronically.  Verizon did not send me a January monthly e-mail bill.  I found the error in February and called Verizon.  After talking to them, I paid everything except the $5.85 late fee and changed from electronic billing to paper, to make sure I would always get a bill.  The customer service rep said that this late fee would be removed.


When this month's bill came, the late fee was not removed.  I called the 1-800 number to correct Verizon's error.  During the conversation, the represnetative told me that th late fee was $5, not $5.85.  I explained to him that he was wrong and the bill, which I had in front of me, said it was $5.85.  He would not remove the $5.85 late fee, insisting that the late fee was not the full $5.85.  While it is only $0.85, the fact that he was wrong, compounded by the numerous other customer service issues I have been experiencing from Verizon, I was not going to let it go.  I asked to speak to his supervisor.  He asked me why.  I explained it to him again.  When I asked to speak to his supervisor again, he repeated the question of why.  At this point, I did not repeat the answer, instead, I repeated the request.  After going back and forth for a few minutes of this, the representative finally told me he would put me through to his supervisor, but informed me that the wait would be long.  After about 10 minutes, I was forwarded to a ringing phone, where noone picked up.  I let it ring for about 3 minutes before hanging up.


Clearly Verizon has made a business decision to try to cut costs on customer service, knowing that switching service for many is a difficult thing to do.  I would strongly recommend to others before they choose a phone, internet, or TV service to consider the customer service aspect.  Once you have signed up for Verizon, you are locked into the poor customer service.

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Re: Shockingly Poor Customer Service

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I agree, Customer service with Verizon is absolutely the worst experience in all of TV/Cable/internet. Hours on the phone with little success of help even when you do get a live person. I have been waiting for a customer service rep for about 2 hours on a Sunday when it clearly says on the Verizon website that there are reps available 7 days a week until 10 o'clock. I just ordered an upgraded 500GB DVR STB and after days of trying to connect it and numerous calls to customer support both online and on the phone I could not get the new STB to activate. They gave up and sent me a replacement only to get the same error messages again with the new box. I spent most of my Sunday afternoon trying to get someone either on the phone or through LIVE chat online to help but it is futile and I am about to call it a day with Verizon. Not my first disappointment with Verizon Customer service either. Love the Fios service but HATE customer support. 

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