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Two year agreement bait and switch

Two year agreement bait and switch

Contributor RV4flyer
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When I signed into my account, a screen came up offering "current services and pricing guaranteed with a two year agreement".  When I proceeded through the process the end result was my monthly price increased from $130 to $134.99 for identical services.  I also recieved a letter with the same offer. 


When talking with Verizon, they told me:  1.  My price was going to go up anyway.  2.  This offer did not apply to my account.  3.  My current agreement was expired.  4.  This offer applied to a new Triple Play agreement.  (This means agreeing to a higher price for the same services to get a $5 monthly discount and the end result is a higher monthly payment)


Verizon agents offered nothing but excuses.  What is there about "current pricing and services guaranteed with new two year agreement" that Verizon doesn't understand?



Contributor CaseyG2782
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I've had similar issues with Verizon!  I got something in the mail but when I call they have no idea!  My price has gone up $40 since September and there is nothing that can be done.  I've called Verizon several times and it is always the same story and no one can help!  I could not agree with you more that the agents Verizon agents offered nothing but excuses.


Why does Verizon treat their current customers so bad?  The one lady told me if I was a new customer I would be able to get much better deal.  I told her I am done and was going to Comcast! Smiley Mad

Contributor Baited
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I can beat that.  I called to try to reup for a two year guarantee, was told over the phone that it would be a vase price of $119.99 for the Triple Play and then once I had agreed (using their electronic system) I was sent a confirmation email immediately at $129.99 a month!  I then spent 5 hours trying to get it changed/fixed to $119.99 , being "guaranteed" by the last person I talked to that I would receive an email within 5 minutes.  17 hours later, no email and the cost per month is still showing up as $129.99 a month.  I have no faith WHAT_SO_EVER in Verizon anymore.

Contributor RV4flyer
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I used the 30 day cancellation option for my contract.  I have signed up for Xfinity service for TV, internet, and voice.  It will be installed Thursday.  I will also change wireless carriers when my contract expires.  Verizon lost a $4000 annual revenue customer because they felt cheating me out of $5 per month was more important.. BTW I have two months left on my wireless contract and Verizon wanted $140 to cancel.  So I'll wait and cancel in March.  Everybody is offering better pricing, and wireless contracts are going away right now.
Contributor notso
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This is sooo true, and the verizon-scam-reps know about and do nothing.  Web site sucks, bait and switch, higher price when added to cart, then different when order number is generated and then different when shows up on account.  Time to cancel these **bleep**. Got 25 screen shots, {please keep it relevant}

Contributor JandP61
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Same thing happened to me.   The first time I went to the site, my bundle was $105/month for months 1-12, $115/month for months 13-24, no installation fees, no equipment fees, and the $250 Visa card (which I guess is a crap shoot) OR I could get $105/month for two years with no Visa card.


Check the site a couple of days later and the first screen says $105/month for months 1-24 with the $250 Visa card, but second and later screens change the amount to $115/month for months 2-24.  I get on chat and waste 45mins of my life trying to convince the rep that the website is inconsistent; give up in frustration.


Tried one last time tonight; same business with the pricing but now I'm also going to get charged to rent an Actiontec modem.


I really, really wanted to get away from Comcast...but not until Verizon can figure out how to stop the inconsistencies and outright misrepresentations...

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