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Unfair and inconsistent discounts

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Unfair and inconsistent discounts

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Very disappointed in my Fios service... 

My neighbors are the haggling type and have that ability to get perks from Verizon that others are not entitled to...  They called to rebundle (in a 2-year contract) and reduced some services, bringing their bill down to $105/mo...  Well Verizon offers them a $25/mo LOYAL CUSTOMER Credit for 1 year...

I call 2 days later and attempt to do the same...  I end up paying MORE (with an upgrade) which seems okay, yet my LOYAL CUSTOMER Credit is $4/mo...


I AM PAYING $230/mo- If I reduced my bundle to MATCH my neighbors, I would reduce my bill to $165...  BUT I SEE THEY RECEIVE FREE BOX RENTALS AND LARGE DISCOUNTS FOR BEING LOYAL...


Okay to be **bleep**?  Not according to the Customer Service Rep and Manager...  They say that these perks are offered to KEEP customers on, when they threaten to leave...  But I RECEIVE NONE FOR BEING A TRUE LOYAL CUSTOMER.  They also referenced VARIABLES...  again, they are buying less, been a customer shorter and they are entitled to PERKS!


How about treating OLD business as well as you treat NEW????  Or at least as well as those who 'game' the system...

I would LOVE to discuss this with someone to see why I should stay...  It seems, I will be more respected if I leave...


Finally sick and disgusted with unfair practices...



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Re: Unfair and inconsistent discounts

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Although I feel for your situation I can only say companies like Verizon (cable does it also) try to get more customers than to keep the ones they have. It is known if they can intice you to join them you will not want to change providers do they up your rates to offset the lower new customer pricing.

please let’s stop using the word “loyal” or “loyalty “ there is no such thing in today’s market.

Pricing should be the same across the foot print and regions and not discount this or that. Stable pricing for everyone. But you see they cannot do that because they have to squeeze every nickel and dime out of customers.

so you either learn to play the “I am leaving and be able to do so game “ or suffer through high prices and constant price increases.

That decision is of course up to you.

this is a customer helping customer forum Verizon does nothing here.


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