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User ID change e-mail received

User ID change e-mail received

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This evening I recieved the following e-mail.  I have not requested a user id change.  The number listed sounds like a valid Verizon number, but I have no way to confirm.  All mentions of were linked back to legitimately.


Dear Customer,


Thank you for contacting us at We have processed your request to change your user ID. If this is incorrect or if you have any questions regarding this request, please contact us at 888-710-0671. The customer service help desk is open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Thank you for choosing Verizon. We look forward to serving you.


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Moderator Emeritus
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You can always confirm such communications from Verizon directly.

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Yeah, I tried, they closed. Smiley Sad

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I think it's bogus. I got the exact same email. I happened to get to the forum, because I googled the number and saw your message. I'm gonna call customer service tomorrow and check that number.
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ElizabethS wrote:

You can always confirm such communications from Verizon directly.

I would agree with ElizabethS. Unless you are sure you are talking to Verizon or a Verizon web site, do not provide any personal information. Use the contact us link from the website to be sure. A link in an Email could look official, but be a phishing scam in any case. But I can say they have been migrating users to the MyVerizon 2.0 web site for account management. My account is now gone and it now uses my primary account for access to My Verizon. I took the plunge and found out that it also created issues with my community access. I believe they have that fixed.


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I think the number might be legit ... but it is definitely suspicious.   What I would do is call NOT the number they provided, but the main published Verizon number from the "Contact Us" page and inquire about the message.   They should be able to either confirm the number or directly transfer you to the number that handles account renames, etc.



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I received the exact same e-mail.....if you look, Verizon is NOT capitalized....that's how I figured out it was phishing.....I hadn't changed anything either..... Hope that helps!!

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and DO NOT CALL THAT NUMBER!!  That's how they get your info!!!

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