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Verizon Fios Complaint

Verizon Fios Complaint

Contributor Taken727
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Ok I've had Verizon for almost 4 years and I've had the Fios Bundle for over 2.  In October of 2009, I went to buy a new cell phone at a Verizon store and one of the representatives, Gilbert, for Fios started talking to me about my plan and telling me he can get it down cheaper and I could add HBO/Cinemax and I would only be adding like $10 more to my bill.  He did all the calculations printed out an invoice and noted this:


I would pay:

$146.96 before taxes and fees for 6 months.


$166.96 for months 7-12.


$176.96 for the whole second year.


So the first bill comes and it was WAY over $200, I didn't think nothing of it due to partial monthly fees and such.  Then the next month's comes and it $196!  So in January, I called customer service and they told me he gave me discounts that I wasn't qualified for because that's for first-timers.  I became aggrevated and I told her, "this is what I was promised and I wouldn't have agreed to change my plan if I wasn't told I would be getting a better deal." She said I would have to go down to the store and talk to them.


So I went last month and had some associate who was trying to belittle me explaining what I already know what I'm being charged.  Which is the last thing you want to hear when you're trying to get some answers.  They turn me away and tell me to come on the day the guy works cause they can't do anything.  This is a real inconvience for me and I feel like nothing is going to get resolved.  I love Fios but for the price $200 a month I'm paying, why shouldn't I just change to a local competitor and save money? 


Does anyone have a corporate customer service email or any suggestions to resolve this?  I need help Smiley Sad






Copper Contributor TheTechMan
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Good luck with that.  Verixon doesn't have a Customer Service department, so I was told on the phone.  There really is no way to speak to someone at Verizon who cares about your business.  To them, we're just marks.  I've tried every number in the book on their unfair and illegal AutoPay/Paperless tie-in and no one answers nor cares.  They tell me 'That's the way it is'.



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Bronze Contributor II
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Don't give up.  When I first signed up for FIOs, they were rolling out heavy duty promotions.  A really nice guy called me from Verizon to try to talk me into switching.  I happened to be po'd at Brighthouse for indiscriminatelly raising prices, so the guy totalled up what my bill for internet, phone and tv would be, and it came in pretty cheap for a 2-year contract.  He gave me a good deal with all the movie channels.  Sooooo, I get the bill and it's all different than what he promised.  At that point Verizon would put NOTHING in writing concerning the deal you signed up for.  (I don't know if they do that now or not.)  That in itself should tell you something.  They cannot shoot off an email or letter confirming your rates, and what you are getting?  He told me that when the installer came, he would have my "contract" which listed everything.   Wrong!  The installer had NO PAPER CONTRACTS at all! 


Anyhow, I called, and called and called.  What you do is keep asking for that person's supervisor until you get a really smart person, who actually cares about your hassles and has the authority to fix it. I think I called at least 5 separate times before I found a good person.  Luckily I had the name and office where my sales guy worked. That helped a lot.  Finally I was put through to a wonderful customer service rep, who straightened everything out on the bill.  She lives in my town (near Tampa,  where her office is), and she actually came by the firm I work at and dropped off a gift card that never came in the mail. (This is when Verizon was giving gift cards at Best Buy and Circuit City to sign up.)  Then, due to Verizon's incredible inneficiency, I got another $200 gift card in the mail months later.  So I can't complain.  In the end, I received two $200 gift cards for signing up.


The moral of the story is keep at it.  It is very frustrating and time consuming, but when you get to the right person It is worth it.  I have not had to deal with Verizon CS for two years and it has been wonderful.  Now my contract is up, and god knows what will happen to my billing. How ridiculous that talking to customer service is a full-time job in itself.


BTW, apparently noone at Verizon management reads these forums (and wouldn't you think that would be the first thing a good management team would do?), so we will have to bombard Verizon management with letters to wake them up.

Copper Contributor dannie_k
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Well, guys, this is a peer-to-peer forum and I would think you should get in contact with your local business office. Don't call the number on the Verizon flyer that was sent through your mail. All it would do is route you to a call center and none of those representatives have the tools nor power to assist. Good luck with getting your issue straightened out. I hope Verizon values your business and will fix the situation.. ASAP.

Contributor sskinne2
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Verizon is the WORST WORST WORST cable/internet company out there to go with!!!!!  I tried very hard to get Verizon service, and it didn't work.  I agreed to a contract, and Verizon kept making installation appointments and NEVER showing up.  During the first no-show appointment, I called repeatedly throughout the day, first to ensure that they had the right contact number since no one had contacted me about my installation that day, and the subsequent calls I made were about when they would show up.  Everytime I called Verizon it was at least a 25-30 minute conversation between being on hold and them telling me they were talking to the dispatchers.  My appt was between 1-5 pm, I called again at 4:45, and they said they would be there in the next 30 minutes...no show.  I called at 7:00 pm, and they said no one would come that night.  They would never call me, I had to call them repeated inquiries into why I still didn't have service, it was discovered that the person who lived in my apartment before hadn't cancelled their service and that I needed to have my apartment complex call them and verify I lived there.  Apparently Verizon never got the phone number of that customer so they couldn't call that old customer to verify the move.  But why should my apartment complex have to call Verizon and spend 20 minutes on the phone as the new person to answer the phone figured out the issue all over again, and just because Verizon failed to get a phone number for their old customer??  Then after my apartment complex did that, they told me I needed to fax them a copy of my lease agreement.  After trying to jump through so many hoops with Verizon, 3 hours from phone calls, and taking vacation time at work for no-show installation appointments.  I finally went with Comcast. 



Contributor 805Watcher
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Verizon Fios yanked tv coverage of the US Open tennis championships mid-tournament without warning or explanation.  Calls to Verizon regarding the yanked coverage were left on hold for over 20 minutes and then put through the tech support circus, announcing at the end of a 30 minute run around that we could watch CBS.  Thanks for the lesson in how not to treat customers.

Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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@805Watcher wrote:

Verizon Fios yanked tv coverage of the US Open tennis championships mid-tournament without warning or explanation.  Calls to Verizon regarding the yanked coverage were left on hold for over 20 minutes and then put through the tech support circus, announcing at the end of a 30 minute run around that we could watch CBS.  Thanks for the lesson in how not to treat customers.

Pulled by The Tennis Channel, not Verizon Fios.  And Verizon FIOS thought that TTC would wait while they continued to negotiate.

Contributor Happy2222
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Bait and Switch.  That is my experience with Verizon Fios.  Verizon's sale reps are misinformed and provide you with quotes that Verizon will not honor.  So very disappointing.  Even after I was warned of Verizon Fios, I still converted to them.  I have been a customer of Verizon wireless for over 6 years and very pleased with their customer service and their product.  I assumed their business model would be the same for Verizon Fios.  How wrong I am. 


I was even told my one of the reps, since I was not in a contract with Verizon Fios to cancel my service if I am so unhappy and she would be willing to assist me with it.  Very unprofessional and reflects the overall attitude of all the 5 different reps I spoke to today.


I will be canceling within the next few days. 

Contributor Laurelb
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I was enrolled in the paperless billing "trial" and now when I try to "manage it" on line to get back to receiving my bill by U.S. Mail, although it gives me  the option to "de-enroll", it doesn't actually allow me to send the change. I have tried several times. How do you actually talk to an intelligent, literate Verizon rep?

Contributor srvcinterrupt
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I did not enroll the paperless billing and received no paper bill at all.  all I received are the internet interruption and late payment fee charge from Verizon.    I guess this is the way how Verizon tream their loyal customer for I have been with Verizon too long ...

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