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Verizon billing

Contributor bpb99
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Back in late April I renewed for another 2 year agreement, through Verizon’s online agent.  The special at the time was the triple play package with a free upgrade to the Quantum package.  Here is what was on the e-mail I received:


Services Ordered: Triple Play: FiOS Digital Voice Unlimited, FiOS Internet up to 50/25, FiOS TV Prime HD, 2012-2 NATIONAL

Internet Speed: FTTP_50M_25M
Bundle/Product Price: $79.99


However, when I got my bill, I was charged $109.99.  Has this happened to anyone else?

Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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@bpb99 wrote:

... I renewed for another 2 year agreement ,,, the triple play package with a free upgrade to the Quantum package ... FiOS Digital Voice Unlimited, FiOS Internet up to 50/25, FiOS TV Prime HD, 2012-2 NATIONAL ...

Bundle/Product Price: $79.99


... when I got my bill, I was charged $109.99.  Has this happened to anyone else?

Since you have not indicated which FiOS equipment you are renting (STBs, DVRs, etc. that are charged separately from subscription bundles), nor stated the taxes and related charges for each month that are a regular part of any bundle (FiOS or otherwise), it's not possible to respond to your question in any meaningful way.


If you provide details on your entire packages, perhaps someone here can respond with helpful information.  Also helpful would be details on your previous charges for both subscriptions and equipment, plus any taxes or other charges.

Contributor bpb99
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Looking at my bills the cost of the equipment is the same, the only thing that is wrong is the cost of the package.


6/257/24Triple Play
Bundle Price Includes:
  • FiOS Digital Voice UnlimitedView Details  30.00
  • FiOS TV Prime HD  54.99
  • FiOS Internet 50/25  40.00
  • 24-Month Contract Discount thru Apr 30, 2015
  • Internet ONE-BILL Bundle Discount thru Apr 30, 2015


The cost of the package according to the e-mail I received from Verizon was only supposed to be $79.99

Contributor bpb99
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Problem has finally been solved.  It took 3 calls to Verizon's help desk, but a rep named Dylan was able to finally able to fix the problem.  The first rep (called sunday), told me he couldn't do anything because it was the weekend.  The second time I called, on Monday told me he was going to submit a ticket to have the problem fixed.  Called back Tuesday to confirm everything was taking care of and Dylan mentioned no ticket was submitted the day before.  Dylan was able to bring up the verizon e-mail that confirmed the package I paid for was $79.99 and not the $109 I was being charged. 


Now let’s see if the problem has been fixed for next month’s bill.

Contributor MsNic
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I had the same problem last year with Verizon.  If they don't fix it, file a complaint with the FTC online at:  https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FTC_Wizard.aspx?Lang=en.  This is how I was able to quickly solve the billing problem. 

Verizon is counting on consumers to just pay the bill!  I despise having to re-negotiate services every two years!

Contributor saintjohnsjane
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can you tell me a phone number to call?  i have the same problem.  changed my package price without notification even though i still have another year left.

Contributor joseroberto
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I am being charged for two accounts, but I have only one;1one for $65. a month (approximately) and the other for $144.00 December, and 112.00 for January. I am being forced to pay for both of them monthly, and I had all my services disconnected for refusing to pay the $144.00 at the beginning of January, and I just received a message telling me that my services will be disconnected on the first of February if I don't pay the $112. When I started the service with verizon, in October 2013, I ordered the lower services (very low, as my internet service is extremely slow and it cuts me off every two minutes when I watch video clips from Youtube). A few days after getting connected, I received a message saying that I had been billed for a higher price by mistake and that someone would fix the problem and I would get credit for the extra charges. Instead, I pay my regular bill and go to "My Verizon" and see that my account is on $00.00; then I get a text message followed by an e-mail threatening me to cut my services and a different service account. I am just waiting for the goons with the baseball bats who will surely come over to bust my knee-caps after Feb. the first. When I call customer support, no one knows why I am being charged for two accounts at the same address and I am told that all I have to do is pay up. There is no help to be had, and if I had a chance, I would fire verizon and hire any other company; there is no other company as bad and so lacking of customer service as this one. Is there anyone else having a similar problem?

About my "high speed internet"? What a joke! I moved to a place that works with DSL, but let me asure you, there is no speed at all! It is desperatingly S-L-O-W, and if you call customer service will tell you that there is a problem in your neigborhood and there is a team of technicians working on it and tomorrow everything will be fine. Try it every day if you want to get in a bad mood, you will get a different name, but the same lie always. Then they troubleshoot your connection and tell you that you need to wait for the technicians to "enhance" your connection in your neighborhood. It would be easier if they were to tell you that you need to pay more if you want to have a "faster" connection; it really would be a decent connection, as the regular DSL one is insultingly slow. Any comment or any help on any of these problems will be greatly appreciated, and if someone knows of a way to get rid of verizon without having to pay the penalty for leaving them, I will light a candle in your name for the whole year to the saint of your devotion.

Moderator Moderator
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Hi joseroberto,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Before the agent can begin assisting you, they will need to collect further information from you. Please go to your profile page for the forum and look at the top of the middle column where you will find an area titled "My Support Cases". You can reach your profile page by clicking on your name beside your post, or at the top left of this page underneath the title of the board.

Under "My Support Cases" you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis, as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. To ensure you know when they have responded to you, at the top of your support case there is a drop down menu for support case options. Open that and choose "subscribe". Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.

Employee Employee
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Hi joseroberto,


We've had to close your private case due to no response.


If you should have any other questions for us, please let us know in this public thread.





Contributor Gman2K8
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I am having the same problem. I renewed my 2 Year contract back in September (almost 2 months ahead of time) due to a 2 year Bundle Price Guarantee of 94.99 per month for my current Triple play package. My first month of the new 2 year contract showed the correct 94.99 charge, my second month jumped to 114.99! I First Called Verizon on December 5th, and talked to a Miss Davis. I presented my Emailed receipt that showed my NEW - Year Bundle Price Guarantee of 94.99 per month. She said that she would have to have another person look into the error in order to correct it. She said that she would call me back on Tuesday 12/9. Never received that call, so I called back and talked to "Jay" on 12/10. He said that Miss Davis was still working on the issue and should get back to me in a day or two. Never got the return call. On 12/12 I called back and talked to "Evet" and she said that she would contact Miss Davis by email to contact me on my cell phone (which I gave as my primary contact number). Later on that day when I returned home from work, I found a message on my HOME answering machine from Miss Davis stating that she "tried every thing she could" but was not able to correct the billing issue. Called Verizon AGAIN on 12/17 and talked to Cheryl. She said that she would Re-submit the billing problem. It's now December 28th and Still have not gotten any response back! My Credit card has all ready been charged with the incorrect billing amount. Cheryl said that If the answer I received back (STILL WAITING) was not satisfactory, that I should submit a written complaint to Verizon corporate. I am getting very frustrated with this and will submit a written complaint to the Federal Trades Commission if I do not get some results very soon!
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