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Verizon ftp may be gone, but I found a way to still host pics on one's web space!

Verizon ftp may be gone, but I found a way to still host pics on one's web space!

Contributor peteh
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There's no way to manipulate html files in any app like Dreamweaver, etc. then ftp them to Verizon. Even if the entire site and all its content is on Verizon.net. Well, unless you pay them extra as listed here: http://consumerist.com/2011/08/verizon-takes-away-ftp-access-charges-for-it.html


But I found out that you can still use your personal web space (10 Meg or whatever) to host pictures for use at eBay, Wordpress, wherever.

Start by logging into the Verizon website.

On the top toolbar goto My Services then Internet then Personal Web Space

On the right, under Welcome Back, click Edit My Web Site

Bottom right toolbar, click Picture Gallery


Click upload pictures. Browse to it and upload it. What you then have is a picture that should be viewable online at the following link: http://mysite.verizon.net/<your “vz” account name>/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/<filename>.jpg



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Good information for other users. Thanks for posting a quick "how to" on that.

Contributor kevix
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this is a convoluted way to add anything. Its stupid.

I still dont know how to add(delete) content to the http://mysite.verizon.net/$USERNAME/ site

but now you say how to add content to http://mysite.verizon.net/$USERNAME/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/$FILE

not only can I only upload only JPG,GIF

I cant upload a PNG or SVG or any other valid internet file.

And it only works with IE and Firefox and doesnt work with Chrome.


I loved having a simple URL, now i have to use this stupidly long URL for no good reason.

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Silver Contributor V
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Yeah great one picture at a time.  Really slow way to put up a gallery.  And just as stupid the way Site builder allows you to add one picture at a time to your web pages.

Contributor cadslinger
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Alas, verizon has defeated our kludge. The image uploader now returns the following error message when atttempting to upload ..jpg or .gif files

 ". . .can only upload .jpg, .jpeg or .gif files. Please convert your images to one of those formats and try again."


Every other piece of image software recognizes the files I'm trying to upload as .jpg  There are none so blind than those that willl not see


Help/Support has a few useless pages, but there is a "Contact Us" button - which circles one back to the few useless pages.

This forum appears to be the only support for SiteBuilder as the author's contract with verizon has expired.


Anyone have any further ideas?


Contributor cadslinger
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Oops forgot to click Email me when someone replies on original post



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