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Verizon online bill payment

Verizon online bill payment

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Verizon online bill payment

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I am posting on behalf of my elderly mother ( in her nineties):

My elderly mother has been trying to pay her current online bill ever since it became due.


Her account shows the amount due but after clicking on 'make a one time payment' the amount due shows as $12.34 with an incorrect due date.

She chatted online with a Verizon rep and he told her to clear her browser cache as this is usually the cause of this problem. I have done this for her several times, several different days but with no effect on the incorrect amount showing up in the bill pay section of her account after clicking on 'make a one time payment'.

I also tried logging into her account from different browsers. The incorrect amount keeps showing.


She also has a problem with the previous month's payment showing as overdue.

She did pay it online.

Verizon emailed her a fax cover sheet and told her she must go to her bank and get the electronic bank submittal sheet from the ACH department of the bank within 10 days. That the bank must fax the info to Verizon.

Fortunately the bank was very understanding of her predicament and has faxed info to Verizon.

So she must now wait and wonder until Verizon contacts her regarding the "payment investigation".


At this point in time she has decided never to use Verizon online payment again.

She has been with Verizon ever since the company took over GTE and has never had any payment problems in all those many years.

This is all to much hassle for an elderly woman.


She has no complaint with those she chatted with online but does not understand why one person is not assigned to help solve one problem rather than having to deal with different service reps every time.


Also she has asked me to find another telephone and internet service for her.

I found another internet internet service available just as good as Verizon's.

As for the telephone I am setting her up with a cell phone just in case Verizon decides to cut off her service for this alleged nonpayment..


Don't have any idea how all this will end but if Verizon ends up sending her paid "unpaid" bill to a collection agency we  will dispute that and it will then be goodbye Verizon services.


I am only posting this to warn others to watch out for their elderly parents if they are suddenly having Verizon bill payment problems. This computerized payment world is not easy for them to deal with. And Verizon website since it has revamped appears to be quite quirky.

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Re: Verizon online bill payment

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Finally reached a real person via phone from Verizon billing who actually was able to figure out what was going on with my mother's billing.

The online bill payments made for the phone service were credited to the internet service instead.

Also the 'one bill option' combining phone and internet service into one bill had not been activated as she was told it would beat the time she switched her service plan.

Also, my dear little mother was overcharged $59.95 due to the mix up that occurred when switching to a different plan.


I would like to say however, all the Verizon chat and phone reps were polite and courteous but one suggestion:

If a Verizon customer has a problem there should be right from the first contact with Verizon support concerning that problem one trouble ticket number and only one well trained service rep to work to help the customer resolve the problem.

Chatting online with several different reps who all must look up the account info and then start from "scratch" again so to speak in order to respond is a waste of everyone's time, reps and customers both.

It appears that most chat reps cannot solve the serious problems and I suppose are placed there as a 'gateway' to separate easily solved from not so easily solved.

Customers not given a solution by chat reps should be given the opportunity to call a specific number rather than having to start all over again with each different rep that is reached while trying to solve their problem.


Hopefully this problem is now be resolved but if it isn't, my mother now has a Verizon support person in billing  with a first and last name and a phone number to  be contacted by - the person who fixed the billing problem.

Amen! And thank you (you know who you are)!!Smiley Happy

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