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Verizon pricing

Contributor Verizongoround
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First let me say that it took Verizon four installation appointments to figure out if I was FIOS cable ready.  Maybe they should have communicated with their contractors before scheduling! My biggest problem is their pricing...I mean how many price quotes can they offer?  Is this to confuse the customer?  Different if you call, different if you go online, different on who you talk to on any particular day! I discovered my bundle is now being offered at $112.99.....NOT to me, but only to NEW customers!  HOWEVER, when I pull up my online account it says my current bundle pack is $112.99.  It also says this if I click on to renew......it says I have months 17-24 left at $112.99/mo.  BUT on my bill it says $139.99.. I know, I know when I signed up that was the contract price.  So I don't want to see on my account that the cost is $112.99.  Because when I asked about it they said it was only for new customers.  Well, then don't put it on my account online!!!!! OR GIVE MY THAT PRICE!!!!  Also, I wanted to change my bundle and get the Direct TV package with high speed internet.  But they told me it's not available to me because I have FIOS.  So they switched me from high\speed internet to FIOS, but they are not willing to switch me back.....because they want to promote FIOS.  I find Verizon.....not very consumer conscious in many ways.

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Gold Contributor VII
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Only billing can help you sort out the specifics related to your account ... but just as a point of clarification are you sure you're reading your bill correctly?   Bundle prices don't show up on the bill at the quoted rate -- instead they show up as the full rate and then there's a seperate line item showing the bundle discount -- which brings the price down to the quoted rate.    Or at least that's how it's reflected on my bill.  YMMV

Contributor Verizongoround
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Thanks. I'm reading my bill correctly. Yes, I know what you mean. Now it lists $30, $70 and $39.99 which totals my quoted price of $139.99.  But when I go online and click on services it says my bundle is $112.99 for my remaining 17-24 months.  Well, not really for me but for new customers.  If I click on to renew it brings up the $139.99.  I find that annoying. I guess they can't program their system to differentiate between new and existing customers.  What I find more annoying is that I was going to just keep thier internet now and cancel my bundle with tv and phone.  Someone quoted me prices the other night.  Of course tonight when I called back I was given different more expensive pricing. Then when I go online and key in my info it tells me the 25/25 isn't available at my address.  That is also news to me.  Pretty sure at this point I'm going with Comcast Internet.  So I'll save alot.  From having Vereizon triple play upward of $226 per month, I have Direct TV @ 60 per month and Comcast will be $30 per month.  No need for home phone.  No need for Verizon to waste my time with silly games.

Contributor LeavingtheFold
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Well stated!!  Where are those VZ Customer Surveys when you need them?

Copper Contributor cgheffel
Copper Contributor
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We're all suckers.  New customers are paying $90/month, while those of us who have been loyal to Verizon are paying around $150. 

Contributor srvcinterrupt
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absolutely.  as a loyal Verizon customer,  you receive penalty by paying more and as a new customer,  you receive bonus by paying less.   time to leave Verizon now. ...


a loyal Verizon customer   ...  maybe no more 

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