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Contributor neilweit
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Up until recently, I was able to view my bill via verizon.com.    It's gone.  I got an e-mail from verizon that the bill was on line, but...   Nowhere on the web site can you view your bill.   Any suggestions?

Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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In the upper right corner of this screen (forums), I have a little button that says "My Verizon" ... if I click that, it takes me to a page where it wants me to login ... upon completing that, I now have a bar across the top ... the second option of which is "Account" ... if you hover over that a drop down appears which has as it's option "Bill" and if you hover over that one of the options is "View Bill".


Do you not have that same experience?



Contributor 2010MD
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I have a similar problem in that I cannot access my billing information.  When I click on "account" on the tool bar, it says that I have a $0 balance.  I cannot retrieve my current bill, past bills, or payment history.   However, I received an email reminder from Verizon stating my bill amount and a due date of November 27.


I've sent Verizon customer support an email for help, but they sent me directions on how to register-- which is useless since I am already registered.  I've payed my bill online for years with no problems until now.


Anyone else with this problem or a solution?



Contributor bob42063
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I too am completely frustrated with Verizon customer service and access to viewing my monthly bill. I get the email, click on the link, enter user name and password and then after getting access, I click on 'view bill' button and get back to the logon screen. This does not end!  I guess this is the verizon wireless site. So, I finally find "Residential" site, log on and there's my monthly bill. BUT - it no longer contains call detail yet I responded to Verizon note asking me to call a toll free number and sign up for continued call detail. Which of course I did.


Also sometime during my emails about finding my bill online, my direct pay was disabled as I was informed in an email that direct pay was not available with paper billing (go figure!  Most companies prefer direct bill to generate revenue but not the Execs at Veriaon)) So, couple months, frustrated,cannot find bill to pay, give up, send email, did not see payments posted and finally got email saying I was deliquent.


In addition to wireless (4 lines), I have Verizon DSL and Verizon home phone.


My wireless contract period is over and other carriers must be better for billing purposes.




Contributor Beauswifey
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I've been paying my bill online for years, as well. But for over a month now, the website has been saying that they are "experiencing technical difficulties" and to "try back later". I can see how much I owe....I just can't pay it.  And since I don't receive a paper bill, I have to go to the closest Verizon store that accepts payments, which is about 10 MILES AWAY FROM ME. I called them to ask if I could pay over the phone, but they wanted to charge me a $3.50 "service fee", even though it's THEIR fault I can't pay my bill. They told me they were "working on it", but from what I can see, they haven't done ANYTHING.

Contributor jessica3b1
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i'd give anything to have only 10 miles to travel to a verizon store. in my area, unless you have a wireless plan linked with your home phone/cable/internet, you can't your bill in the store. the closest Verizon store to me is over 400 miles away. like the above user, i can see by balance, and it actually allows me to pay my bill online. however, i can not view the actual bill. this is infuriating and goes to show that going paperless is NOT a good idea. I need a copy of my phone bill to reserve a rental car... only i can't get a copy of my bill. and when you ask Verizon, their response is "there's nothing we can do for you". basically, they have no idea what they are doing and don't care about the problems caused by their incompetence. they wont even fax a copy of the bill to me or the car rental company. i'm just out of luck. ridiculous! when my cable contract is up, i'm out. i'm not dealing with them anymore.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I've been paying online for years also.

I can currently view my bill but it is not accurtate. I paid in full on Nov. 17th, received email verication of payment, and see the payment cleared at my online bank.

Online Billing is still showing a balance forwad for my last 2 bills as of Dec. 6.


Calling Verizon > Billing : They say that they can only see my paper bill and I am paid in full and to call the "E" Center because thay are the ones that can access online billing.


The first call to E Center: Said I have the wrong dept. and that billing can see my online bill, but I have to speak with a billing supervisor. Appearently that's a myth. It was fruitless.


Second call to E Center:

"E" Center says they only handle web site navigation, they can't view my online bill to even verrify errors, and there is an other department that handles the actual web site and online billing but E center can't contact them, I can't contact them, and paper billing can't contact them because their phone number is not available to anyone.


Combine this with a campaign for paperless billing and it looks like a 3 ring circus, with no ring master.


I'd travel 10 miles to a Verizon store to just not be subjected to the hold music when calling in.

In my experience it is nothing short of psychic torture.



Copper Contributor mreaves
Copper Contributor
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My Service was shut off this morning due to the website incorrectly relaying balance information.


In the past, everytime I logged in at the home page, it showed my last payment and the date, current balance, paid in full.  Which matched my record keeping.  When I viewed the actual invoice, which why would I do that if their **bleep** home page said Paid, it was this astronomical amount due.


So why was my service shut off?   I contacted the online chat feature via my work connection, they advised what I had to pay to get the service turned back on, but NO ONE acknowledged that I shouldn't have been shut off for having a 'paid in full' status. 

And the Reps I 'chatted' with, could not see the same dollar amount owed on the invoice that I was seeing -the astronomical amount.  They quoted me a different amount.


They admitted their website was incorrect, so how is that my problem?   How about VZ send an email to us paperless customers and explain what is happening?  I would have taken care of it right away. Why?

Because that would just seem too easy...



Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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It's nearly a week later and now past the due date for my inaccurate billing, and nothing has changed.

My online billing is still showing the inaccurate total that has been showing since Nov. 17.





Copper Contributor jimkofmd
Copper Contributor
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I found the problem to be 2 different sign in names.  To see my bill is a different sign in than your email account sign in.  It evidently happened when I first switched to fios.  I had a sign in for my original verizon land line phone.  When I created the FIOS acct it said the user name wasn't available so I had to use a different name.  It's a pain switching back and forth but I've never found a way to fix it.

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