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    Regarding not being able to view your FIOS bill online:  This problem appears to be associated with the merging of Verizon.net and Verizon,com, which process is supposed to be complete by the end of Feb 2011.  It only took me about 8 hours (online plus on the phone) to get an answer to my question about why the most current FIOS bill (which had always been viewable online before) was no longer viewable online.

    I pay Verizon FIOS bills for two different residences: mine (which has phone, internet, and TV service) and my daughter's (which has only internet and TV service).  I log into Verizon.com under two separate accounts to view and pay these bills.  I have always been able to use View Bill to see my own current and past bills, and I can still do that.  Until the most recent billing cycle, I had also been able to view my daughter's bill.  At this date (2/3/2011) I can view her past bills but not the current one, the payment for which I know is due within six days.  I have beeped and booped my way through the same automated phone support questions SEVENTEEN times in the last week and a half with no answer to why the bill cannot be viewed.  Regardless of the fact that I have consistently identified the problem as a web site issue, I have been transferred to every other department you can think of:  Billing, HIgh Speed Internet, FIOS, and to something called the E_Center that didn't turn out to be the E_Center at all, but just another occasion to beep and boop.  Today, the human to whom my beeps and boops had been directed again said he would transfer me to the E_Center, and I asked him to stay on the line with me until I reached a human being and to help me with making the proper numeric selections if required.  He waited on the phone with me for eight minutes.  He gave me a direct dial number (888-669-9901) in case we were disconnected, which number may or may not be correct.  He did finally inform me that a human was available, and a very pleasant woman explained that the lack of availability of bills for online viewing is definitely associated with the merging of Verizon.net and Verizon.com.  I suggested that if that message could somehow get to the other (non-web-site) support people in their vast corporate entity, it would help a lot of customers who don't have a week and a half to pursue this nonsense.

    P.S.  If you believe that this problem is going to be solved by the end of February, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you....

    P.P.S.  Verizon did apparently add some info to the Account Information portion of the View Bill page to show us what charges have accumulated since the last bill and to allow for an additional One-Time Payment.  Until such time as you can see your bill online, you can phone and get your balance and use the One-Time Payment option to avoid being late.

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I want topay my bill but you still tell me to wait a few minutes as you are working on my account, IT HAS BEEN TWO DAYS AND I STILL CANNOT SEE ANYTHING ON MY ACCOUNT.

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Verizon support is in receipt of this issue. We will send you a PM to gather additional information.


Tonya D.

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Sure, you see those choices. Just try downloading a bill! So far, I've received an error message and a message saying that the PDF is too large. The only bill you can download is the current one. Even the directions for downloading past bills are wrong. This is a most frustrating website.

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i want to view my bill so i can pay it

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