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Visa Prepaid $400 Gift Card

Visa Prepaid $400 Gift Card

Contributor Cramey80
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Registered: ‎02-17-2015
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Still no word from anyone. No surprise.


Its not like you can pick up the phone, and actually talk to someone.


Of course, my on demand has not worked in 4 days either.


If I gave customers this type of customer service at my job, I would be unemployed.


Something needs to be done, or I will be droping off my equipment at the closest Verizon store.



Contributor Cramey80
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎02-17-2015
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My guess is at some point, maybe.



Contributor jrtay08
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Registered: ‎09-11-2014
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Cramey80, I did get a response about the promo I signed up for in June. The issue was that I didn't get the $400 as in the promo because the promo they had at the time was only for $300 max so "the computer would only allow them to request a $300 gift card." Now that the promo is back (minus the tablet) I probably could have gotten the $400 gift card.


I did get the run around with this. Only one rep was apologetic but also was unable to request the gift card, so they transferred me to the promo department. Then they said what others on the forum are saying, which is that I already got a low enough discount that is better than the $400...even though the promo at the time was for the same monthly cost but for $300. The same promotion I signed up for in June is similar to what's running now (minus the "free" tablet). Since it was during work, I had to end the call with no resolution.


Now the one thing that I had that others didn't was I had a chat session with a rep because they had a tier system ($200 for basic Fios triple play, $300 for middle tier channels, $400 for ultimate). I was in the $300 tier initially, but saw that I could actually benefit from the Ultimate triple play package and verified with the rep on the chat that I would be able to get the $400 if I upgraded within the two weeks of getting the package installed and they said yes. I saved that chat session just in case there was an issue just like what everyone else is getting.


After a few months, I didn't receive the post card with the information or even the gift card. So that's why I called and referenced that chat session. It was not until I mentioned that I would get the BBB involved.


With this many complaints and it seems most people are following the guidelines that were on the promo, this could be something that needs to be brought to the BBB's attention.

Contributor jrtay08
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Registered: ‎09-11-2014
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Sorry...to add the promo when I signed up was to get the "free" tablet (you get a free tablet if you sign up for 2 years on Verizon Wireless), and it was either that you agreed to a 2 year contract to get the gift card or you get a month to month plan and you do not get a gift card (and yet the tablet was still "free").

Moderator Moderator
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Hi Cramey80,


Please allow two business days for a reply from the eCenter.

Contributor Cramey80
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Registered: ‎02-17-2015
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At this point, its entertaining the various answers they have given me.

I was never offered a tablet, so that might have been a different promo.

I did get the email and the post card saying at the latest, I should have got the gift card the first week of Februaury.

I was told they "normaly" send them out a week after you get the email, but they are having "delays" at the moment.


I was promised it will ship out on the 21st. I will wait and see how true that is.




Contributor Cramey80
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎02-17-2015
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Contributor Fetter-Beck
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Registered: ‎02-19-2015
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I've received the same details on my reward card for the past 60 days.  Says it's still processing.  I received a mailed notification card with the pin for the Visa prepaid card approx. 14-21 days ago.  I messaged customer service in the reward division on this matter. I am very frustrated and not too hopeful this will be resolved quickly or satisfactory manner for me given the large volume of complaints I am reading on the forum.

Contributor williadw1955
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Registered: ‎02-24-2015
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Same here...


I received an email saying my 400.00 gift card would be sent to me in 30 days.


30 days has long since past.


I check the status of the card and it is 'being processed'.


I love how Verizon pats itself on the back about how it is #1 in customer service.. and much better and faster than it's competitors.


While is fact it is no better in either department.

I have a friend who has Comcast and pays the same as I do and is getting faster downloads than I am.. I have 75/75

he is getting liker 98/50.  I was told FIOS was faster than Comcast?


What a bunch of sham artists these companies are.




Contributor cromine71
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Registered: ‎02-26-2015
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I too have fallen victim to the $400 Visa Pre paid card scam.  I logged on to change my service address, and to ensure I completed it correctly, called customer services as well.  I was walked through the entire process, offered the $400 gift card with the triple bundle and a two year contractj as long as I did one of three things.  What I chose was to receive e-mails regarding local workshops about Verizon Fios.   My service was moved in December and I never received my card.  I call today and am told there is not record of this and I do not have a two year contract.  Wow.   When mistakes are made by such a large company they should own up and pay out what was promised.  It is not as if they do not have the money.   They definitely hold us, the consumer, to the same expectation.   Based on this lack of interest in their mistakes, I WILL leave Verizon at the end of my two year run of services, because there are options out there. 

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