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I spent a good hour on the phone today trying to explain to a representative and her supervisor that I was VERY happy with my FIOS service, however, my job is transferring me to LA in June and my new address is not listed under Verizon's service area. As with any rational company, the response should have been "I'm so sorry we don't offer service there, that's on us. We're going to waive the termination fee since we cannot keep up our end of the 'moving is easy, transfer your service! deal'


UNFORTUNATELY THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED. The only way Verizon will waive the termination fee is if you are in the military and you have to move because of the military or deployment. I have tons of respect for the military, but why are they the only ones whose jobs are able to move them without penalty?!


Verizon is disgusting. They have more money that I can even dream of, and they're going to charge me a prorated termination fee of $150 because they don't offer service where I am being relocated? And this is MY PROBLEM?


The supervisors exact words: "We didn't know you were going to move where we didn't have service when you signed the agreement." NEITHER DID I, LADY.


Completely disappointed in a provider that I have used for a very long time. And from here on out WILL NOT BE USING OR RECOMMENDING EVER AGAIN. I also will not be paying that termination fee. Send me to collections, but this is an outrageous abuse of power.



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Welcome to the forums.  You're primarily talking to other customers here.  If you want to send a message to Verizon you need to call, chat or snail-mail them.


Verizon's ETF terms are in the terms-of-service.  Unfortunately, many people don't read the TOS or think they'll be able to talk their way out of any issues that come up and get surprised when they find out the ETF won't be waived.  In fact, very few service providers that have ETFs ever waive them.  They hold people to the terms of the contract.


If you don't pay the ETF, Verizon will send you to collections.  It won't be fun and will cost you more money.  Your credit will take a hit and you may end up paying more for other loans and services.  It's up to you to decide if it's really worth taking a stand on this issue.


Good Luck.


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Hi! Thanks for your response. Honestly, I'm not even going to try to argue with the Terms of Service---I'm sure it does talk about early termination etc.


My issue is the fact that I WOULD BE THRILLED to finish out my contract with them, but they don't offer service where I'm moving--so I simply cannot do what I originally agreed to. I didn't know I was going to be transferred, and I didn't know that a company as big as Verizon would't have service in Los Angeles. As a long time customer, it would have just been nice to have some understanding. 

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