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Why Verizon made me cancel my triple play bundle...

Why Verizon made me cancel my triple play bundle...

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I will try to make this short enough, but I need to let people know my experience with Verizon and how this has led us to cancel all our services.


We got the Verizon FIOS triple-play bundle in January 2009. We were enjoying it and every time we had to contact Verizon agents they would be offering us promotions and stuff. Oh, the happy times... Everything went bad when we decided to discontinue our TV and phone services, just keeping the internet. We called and arranged the whole thing with an agent and the cardboard box was sent to us to send back the cable box. Two weeks later, I noticed that our three services were still active. I called Verizon and they told me they had not been deactivated. I said "do it now then" and they surprisingly told me that I had to pay a cancellation fee, because I had recently changed my services. Yes, it did not and still does not make any sense, but it gets better.


We sorted the cancellation fee problem out and were told that our TV and phone services would be cancelled and credited back to the date we requested the changes. A week later, I called them again to check the progress of the whole thing (at that point I was starting to have a bad feeling) and they told me that all services were still on. After 1 hour and 30 minutes of phone call and long, angry speeches with a silent agent on the other side, I finally managed to speak with a supervisor (it took me about 30 minutes to convince the agent to put me through). The main complaint I told the supervisor is the following: EVERY TIME WE CALLED AND SPOKE WITH AN AGENT, IT FELT LIKE THE PREVIOUS PHONE CALLS NEVER EXISTED. There was no carryover in our account. No changes were happening and all the things we discussed with previous agents seemed like never happened. Offered prices were not constant and there was always a policy being mentioned which was coming out of nowhere.


We are going to move to a new apartment in a few months. We cannot bind ourselves now to a contract with a cancellation fee, even if they are promising us they will waive it if we do not have FIOS coverage in the new place. Because we have lost all our faith with Verizon. And that is why we had to cancel all our services.


It only took a month and a half of an ordeal of phone calls and disappointing customer service to destroy our good experience with this company.


So I am joining the growing community of former Verizon costumers who walked away. Thanks for reading.



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Hi ShinKy081 -- I apologize for the amount of trouble you had with your services, as that's definitely not how we want any customer's experience to be.  If there's anything I can do to help out or if you change your mind with your services, please reach out and let me know.  Thanks!

Verizon Support

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Hi Karl,


thanks for your reply. It is heartwarming to get a nice answer from a Verizon agent, especially after all that happened. If you have any good promotion that could make us go back, I would appreciate it. However, we are currently moving to a new apartment and I am not sure if Verizon service will be available...


Please let me know your thoughts.





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