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Why can't Verizon get there act together???????

Why can't Verizon get there act together???????

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I had Verizon several years ago which I actually liked there services until they started playing games with my bill... After several months of them over charging me I finally had enough and cancelled my services... They sent me prepaid boxes to return all equipment 4 receivers and 1 modem... There PREPAID labels were marked both as ups and USPS(post office) There where no copy's of the labels just peel and stick on boxes.. I put all equipment in boxes with there bubble wrap which was included with the prepaid boxes and sent back to them USPS the mail man helped me carry the boxes and put on his truck!!  You would figure since VERIZON created the labels that they would have a  tracking history on them... Now a collection agency is after me for $1700 cause Verizon says I never returned there equipment.  Verizon says I need to find the tracking numbers for this shipment to prove to them I shipped them back..... The rep on the phone even went as far as telling me I needed to call the post office and ask them what's the tracking numbers for those boxes that I shipped..... Duhhhh I explained to the **bleep** on the phone that Verizon CREATED the prepaid labels and since they created them they should have TRACKING NUMBERS FOR THEM.... Then I ask the **bleep** well at least can you tell me where you guys return your shipments too. Remember I have no proof since it was a peel and stick label unless I made copy's( which I didn't think there would be a problem) They can't even tell me where there shipments go too.. I had enough of the **bleep** and told them they need to figure it out and not to waist any more of my time like 2 hours of being transferred from department to department from employee to supervisors to finally GET to talk to an **bleep**... ITS BEEN 4 YEARS now and the collection agency is still after me.. By the way just got off the phone with another **bleep** from this company that's why Im posting this...   





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Since we haven't heard back from you  as requested in your private support case, it appears assistance is no longer required. If you need any future help with your Verizon service, please make a post here on the forums so we can assist.

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