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Why is it so hard to downgrade my bundle

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Why is it so hard to downgrade my bundle

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April 2011, I signed up with no contract to have the triple play bundle which includes, internet, television and phone. We recently realized that we rarely use the landline and thought it would be economical to get rid of the phone service and downgrade to the double play bundle.


I logged into my account and was informed I am up for renewal. I am thinking this would be an easy way to downgrade. Nope! I am unable to online. I call Customer Service and was informed am not up for renewal. I inform the agent of the message I receive whenever I log into the site. He then informs me after talking over me repeatedly that he has a Senior Rep who pointed out to him that I am for renewal. However, he tells me that if I downgrade, my monthly cost will remain the same price as it is with all three products. How does this make sense?


I was told the offer I saw online for the double play bundle is for new customers only. I asked them if I can disconnect my service and then register as a new customer to which I am told, yes but I have to wait 90 days before I request new service. We were never able to find a solution since the gentelman on the other line was being rude and wanted to talk over me.


I logged back online and was able to chat with an agent. The first response the agent said is for me to call CS. I informed the agent I already had tried that route and found no help. The agent then sends me links which go to my renewal and again, do not offer a way to downgrade.


I need help finding a way to downgrade my bundle. I am currently not signed to a contract and am month to month. I do not understand how my monthly charges would be the same whether I decide to keep the phone or terminate the landline. It seems to me the price should drop by 33%.

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Re: Why is it so hard to downgrade my bundle

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To get straight to the point, you don't have to wait 90 days to reinitiate service.


No one wants to disconnect your service because they get dinged for it, especially since they can't get the credit for reinitiating service with you.  It is also unethical.  However, he is probably right that if you were to get into a double play there wouldn't be that much in savings.  First of all, the discounts get progressively larger the more services you have; second, phone is the least expensive element in a triple-play and therefore gets the least amount of discount.


If you were to leave the company and go to another company, for example, you can believe that Verizon is not going to wait 90 days before they try to win you back.  However, if you left, found yourself unhappy with the other company, and wanted to come back, don't expect a same day turnaround time.

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Re: Why is it so hard to downgrade my bundle

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I have recently called Verizon and tried to downgrade my bundle.  Unfortunately the rudeness from some of the people I talk to, makes me want to drop Verizon all together.  I spoke to 2 people with no help at all.  My last call was to Travis in California.  He was a great help to me and answered all of my questions.  Unfortunately he couldn't help me with the downgrade.  Apparently because I am an existing customer, I don't deserve the same common courtesy and respect that new customer get. The online deals are for non-existing customers only.  I don't need the phone and I don't need all the premium channels that they offer.  However, I think that I deserve the same  treatment as a new customer and should be helped in any case.  


I am seriously thinking of going with Comcast as they offer the same deals and I will be a new customer.


I really hope that Travis will be able to help me.




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Re: Why is it so hard to downgrade my bundle

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Nice!  The price of our triple play just keeps going up and we're just about ready to go with wireless smart phones.  I'm not looking forward to dealing with this, but I will.  Thanks for the heads up on the difficulties.  I tried to give people kudos in this thread, but it won't let me.  Thanks again.

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