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Will My Verizon ever work properly?

Will My Verizon ever work properly?

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I've been struggling with online account access for weeks. Never used it much before. Combined VZW and VZ residential accounts and should have one "My Verizon" login now, but I feel like I have been thru these steps before.


What I want to do is pretty simple. I just want to look at what DSL Package upgrades are available to me. I want faster service. I've selected "Add or Change Services" then "High Speed Internet Service" "Change".


I've tried this several different ways, and it keeps looping back. No display of package, no pricing, no speed. Nothing.


I've been at this for 30 minutes.


I am not retarded and I know how to navigate a website. The design of this is awful.


Make this work. Its the 21st century for goodness sake.



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Admin Emeritus
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Let's start with what url you are using to log in. Which one? And is it letting you log in, or is it asking you to consolidate accounts? I wasn't clear on that point. What operating system and browser are you using? We'll see if we can figure out why the site isn't working for you.

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Same problem. I try to login to my account - sometimes I get web page asking me to take advantage of My Verizon, but that doesn't work. Sometimes I get error message -- sorry, not available, try again later. Sometimes I am told I already have My Verizon set up. Sometimes I am told my account is locked due to too many attempts. I called so-called "Customer Service" and asked if Verizon was having web problems. Was asked "What do you mean?" I told him what had happened. He said "Verizon is having web problems". He said he would submit a trouble ticket and someone would get back to me in a week or two. I asked about paying my bill, and he said I could go to a store. I start with I am using Win 7 64 bit and Firefox v4.
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I am also having difficulty accessing My Verizon.  I have received several e-mails asking me to call Verizon reps at a long distance number.  When I call, I get voice mail or it says that person's mailbox has not been set up yet.  I have to use my cell phone minutes to call a long distance number and don't have time to sit around and wait for somebody to call me back.  If the website was working correctly, none of this would be necessary. 


I was considering possibly upgrading my internet service. However, after all of the problems I have had I may just find another provider.   With so many people having the same problem, I think Verizon management needs to get involved and get the IT Dept. to fix the problems instead of giving paying customers the run around.

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Broke for me too.  A Verizon customer service rep. said they've been having "lots of problems' with the website yesterday.  I haven't been able to access many parts of the website for over a week. 

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I finally got into My Verizon account after calling a Verizon Rep. I had been locked out for trying too many times to get into my acct. I'm on the phone with them now trying to find out how much a new modem will cost.

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Lucky going on my third week and My verzon still does not work. 

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