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new contract, rep lied about monthly charge, never sent email confirming what we discussed either

new contract, rep lied about monthly charge, never sent email confirming what we discussed either

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i called on june 30 since our contract was ending first week of july. i told them i wanted to keep the price as close to where it was - $95 after tax. so after negotiations, we did a 2 yr contract for $105 after tax ($89.99 before tax).  The representative assured me over the phone that my bill would remain at $105 for the contact period and the only thing that would change was a downgrade in TV package from premium to prime. He advised us that we would still keep the korean channels. so the next month (july), as expected, bill came to $105. this month bill (august) came to 140ish and they said it's because the promotion ended from the previous contract. why is that relavant? i did a NEW contract. but they said the promotion that just expired was the only reason i got the $105 price for that month. and my new contract was for $119.99 + $24.99 for the korean package + 16.99 for dvr rental - $25 promotion. This is ridiculous.  The first representative basically misinformed us or lied to us.  Why would we agree to a ONE MONTH promotion of $105???  He acted like he was going to renew all the promotions to keep the price at $105 but it was only for ONE MONTH?!?!?!  He was also going to send us a confirmation email regarding the new plan we agreed on.  We never got one and when I spoke with Thomas badge# 61076, he said that the first representative failed to send us a confirmation like they are suppose to.  This leads me to believe that the rep did this on purpose and screwed us over.  I will NOT be put into a 2 year contract for a price we did not agree upon.  I never signed anything agreeing to that price nor did I verbally commit to it.  Either give us the $105 after tax plan I spoke with him about or cancel us and waive the cancellation fee.  I want PROOF that we agreed to $140 something a month.  verbal recording or a written contract because I know we didn't.  It should be $105.  Thanks for ripping us off Verizon rep!  I'm glad you got your sale.  


I'm going to file a complaint with everyone.  BBB, FCC, etc.  SHADY rep, shady company.


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