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worst customer service ever

worst customer service ever

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I have been a loyal customer for 12+ years. I have been, perhaps, the easiest customer you coulod imagine and have cost Verizon nothing. I have had the same phone since I have been with them, despite countless calls to upgrade. Over the years, I have switched over my wife and many family members, as the coverage is very good.

I haven't had any experience with their customer service until recently. It has been horrific.

Talk about a company who has gotten too big and has lost touch with their customers...this company takes the prize!

Being that either my phone was too old and I was slowing down their system or due to the fact that I have never upgraded, i used to consistently get calls offering me $200 to upgrade and offers like this. For a while, I received these calls every day.

In any event, I have kept my phone alive long enough and decided to upgrade. I called to speak to someone. Not easy. And when you do get someone, you might as well be talking to a machine as the reps have no authority to do anything off of their "sheet". If you ask to speak to a supervisor, you are informed that there is not one available and someone will call you in 24-48 hours. This doesn't occur.  So, you call back and the drone on the phone, who has no accountability anyway will not give you their full name or any real way to identify them in the hold someone accountable. 

So, you go online. There, they will typically respond within 24-48 hours, but then they email you back with a ridiculous exercise of verifying yourself (this is my cell phone company, you'd think they could simply call my cell to talk to me). Between my wife and I, we have 3 master degrees and it took us (my wife...i still have no idea how she did it) 3 times to figure out how to verify ourselves. So, after she did that, they are supposed to then respond. They didn't. not surprisingly, the drone who sent us the email saying they would be responsible, had no way of being identified, so you get another person who is not accountable. 

It feels like you are dealing with Big Brother in the 1984 novel. 

There is no way I'm the first person to deal with this nonsense. The fact that this is how they do business astonishes me and the fact that this persists is ridiculous. 

I haven't read thru any old posts and have, actually, never posted anything anywhere before, but I am beside myself.

It is beyond my comprehension and though they suck, we should all be to blame for letting this persist.

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I checked my notes and here are some of the names of the people who say there are going to do something and don't do it at Verizon:

Ian- customer service...he is the worst ever. Couldn't give me the deal I was promised as he said it wasn't in my file. I gave him the date and told him it was in my file. He found it and then said he couldn't do that. He told me a supervisor would call me in 24-48 hours. 7 days ago. No call.

A supervisor I spoke to in the past. Rare that you can get a direct number, but I spent countless days trying to get one. His name is Eric Croft. I've called him for the last 7 days and have left 5 voicemails. No return call. Eric, if you are on vacation, I apologize. If not, I will give it until Monday, then I will post your number.

Customer service reps who write to you and say they will follow up and don't: Tola, Jordan.

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