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Windows Phone @ Verizon.... Time for a LTE Windows phone

Windows Phone @ Verizon.... Time for a LTE Windows phone

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For the record I would first like to itterate that I have been a Verizon customer for the past 10 years.

I also would like to state that they have great service and I can't say that as a whole I have any complaints.... However.


There is a problem with the verizon phone market. They rely to heavily on flavor of the week android devices and don't have enough diversity when it comes to alternative OS options.


Specifically I would like to call out the Windows Phone.

When the Windows 7 phone came out I will agree it was nothing to really bat an eye at. It had some nice features but wasn't up to snuff when it came to other things ie: computing power/ cameras/ speed/ even apps.


My have things changed. Has anyone else been paying attention to the up and coming when it comes to Windows Phones?

Personally they look to me to be the powerhouse phone of the future. With Windows 8 consumer preview for pc/ tablet coming out on Wednesday and Windows 8 phones being projected for possibly summer 2012. How has Verizon not stepped their game up?


Currently AT&T has picked up at least 5 new Windows phones. These are Windows phones with power, dual core 4GLTE, integrated power. The wave of consumerizm is coming. It is going to hit hard with Windows 8 and the ability to integrate between your PC, Phone, and Tablet.


Personally, I give Verizon til the end of the year. If they can't step up their game in regards to variety and bringing their customers what they want. There is always another carrier who will.

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Agreed.  Having a phone that fully integrates with the business solutions I already use, like Ofice, Sharepoint, & Exchange is something our business is going to seek.  We're over the iToy and the Android still doesn't work that well (Samsung or Motorolla).  I think the anti-Microsoft movement is losing its steam. 

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I agree...I have the HTC Focus Windows Phone, and I really like it. I wish it had a slot for an SD card, and had a bigger screen. I hope Verizon gets more models to choose from by the time I'm ready for an upgrade. With Windows 8  coming out there is a lot of synchronization you can do with your PC and phone now. Microsoft is a little late to the game but I think they are about to show why there #1 in the OS world!

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