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Information on Hurricane Sandy

Information on Hurricane Sandy

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Hi All-

Due to extreme weather conditions, there may be storm related power outages in your area and some or all of your Verizon services may be affected.   Please visit our outage page for the latest information from Verizon.


Stay safe!


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This is enormously frustrating.  We have power and all of our FiOS services are working except for our phone.  IT was working OK when power came back on yesterday morning, but it stopped working an hour or so later.  We have no dial tone, and the error message on our caller ID screen says "Check Phone Line."  The online diagnostic says there is no network problem.  We've done the troubleshooting, and problem wasn't resolved.  All I want is someone to confirm whether the issue is storm-related.  If so, I understand and can be patient, but there is no one answering at the call center, no definitive information about outages online, no online help, and the ability to create a repair ticket appears to be disabled right now.  Is there someway to confirm whether the issue is storm related or in our own house?  I can't believe it wouldn't be storm related, but again...no way to easily confirm and the diagnostic says the problem is not on the network.  What, then?

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I feel your pain, One big circle jerk here on the Verizon site, I click 'Support' try a line test - alls ok... yet no dial tone, no nothing. I click on the Hurrican update page and get nothing but 'service out due to storm' - useless. Every link brings me back to a 'How great is Verizon, don't you just LOVE us  ?' page with some automated dude I'd love to smack the d*g XXXX out of right about now,,,, I'm trynig to ger help for my 84 yr old mother who lives alone, is not in good health, whos 'Life Line' is now useless. her internet and phone is now useless because .... ? She lives in Orange Co NY - about 60 miles north of NYC. Like you, I understand there are major issues due to the storm but dang, it would be very helpful to know whether the problem is inside her apartment or a pole somewhere ... the 'test' page. where you type in the phone # says all is fine. WTH ??? I'm typing in her number from my computer (she has DSL thus no 'net) and I don't know if it checks her # or mine even though I'm typing in her number. I presume it does test hers but how then does the test come back that her line is fine yet she has no signal ? If I have to fly there only to find out theres nothing I can do about it because the problem is outside her place, I ain't gonna be happy because I just returned from there.

 WHY don't they put a map up here showing outages by zip code  or by sections of town ? There should be a data bank that records all outages and plots them on a map. I can't believe this would be very hard to do. I even tried to send a work order/repair request for her here on Verizon web site and just got all this 'self help' nonsense. Why isn't there a number prominently displayed here.that you can call and request a service call ?  If there is, pardon me, but I can't find it so..... HELP anyone ???????

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The phone number is in the outage link that Heather_VZ posted above -- 1-800-VERIZON

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I returned here today to give a huge THANK YOU to Verizon for responding to my mothers situation (Hurricane Sandy - no phone, no Life Line, no DSL/Skype). I called 1-800-VERIZON yesterday and I was told that a service tech would be there on Monday the 5th. I then explained that she was elderly, lives alone and not in good health and I depend on the Life Line, 911 and Skype to keep an eye on things and respond in case of emergency. The operator (?) told me  they would try to get to her earlier due to her age/health considerations. To my suprise/relief, my Mom called me today to say that a tech arrived this morning and he had her back in service in no time. I have to say, I am impressed and very greatful for the lightning fast response by Verizon. I don't know the operators name or the techs but I can say this call was made for an elderly lady who lives in New Windsor NY so if the tech happens to notice my post, thank you again !! As to the operator, I'm sorry, I don't know your name either but, if you happen to be reading through 'Sandy' related posts, maybe you will read this and recognize yourself and your efforts. All in a days work for you no doubt but you have no idea how much your effort has effected at least 2 of us out here in Verizon Land :-) Thank you again !!


 I'm tempted to leave the compliment/comment stand with out further commentary but .... I just can't ...

I commented here yesterday that the post  made by Heather did not include the 800 number and further more the link in her post might include it (the number)  but I wouldn't know as the link didn't work. 

When I logged back on today I noticed my post was gone and Heathers post had been updated correcting the problem I had pointed out.  Really ? Ya had to do it this way ? Why not just say: "Sorry for the confusion, the info has been corerrected/updated, thanks for pointing out the error"  (a relatively minor one) rather than delete my comment ? 

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No posts were removed from this thread, nor was there any editing done to the post by Heather_VZ.

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I was thinking about signing up for FOIS this month. Now I am not sure as I am not able to get any answers as to when my land line service will return. The people in my building who have FOIS has been restored  and the people who have TIME WARNER TRIPLE PLAY  have been restored however the people who just have Verizon Copper Lines have not. After spending a total of about 3 hours on my cell phone and being given several numbers to call no one has any answers to my question as to when my landlines service will return

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