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NO communication--------

NO communication--------

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On Monday October 29, in anticipation of Super Storm Sandy, and following mandatory evacuation orders (we are located on Flood Zone A) my family evacuated from our home in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York. As a result of the two feet plus of water in our first floor, due to  Super Storm Sandy, we had to discard  virtually all of our furniture, kitchen cabinets, appliances, water heater and boiler, washer and dryer, four feet of sheet rock, and much of our flooring. While we are now back in our home with electricity, heat and hot water, our first floor (with replaced boiler and water heater and washer/dryer) needs much work.

We have had FIOS with Verizon for years and five cell phones with Verizon Wireless; our land lines have been thru Xchange Telecom Corp. When we returned to our home and found our service sporadic, we decided to change our service to Verizon. We called Verizon about three weeks ago, and were given an appointment for December 19th, order number {Edited for privacy}. I called to confirm on December 18th. Spoke to one of your representatives who confirmed the appointment. I asked what time would the installers come; she volunteered that Verizon will call between 8 AM and 9 AM, to give us a more precise time (than anytime from 9 to 5) since my wife was staying home for the installers.

Came 9 am, no call; I advised my wife to call Verizon. She did. Verizon said the installers would be there before 2. 2 o’clock came, 2:30 and 3 o’clock came; no installers. My wife called again. Your representative said, before five. Needless to say, no installer every showed up.

When I called Verizon on a number of occasions to follow up the day after and subsequently, the best answer I could get was there is a hold on the order.

For a communications company, you are quite lacking in your communication skills. Why is it that you know there is a mysterious hold on the order, but I the customer don’t have that information ? Or frankly, what this mysterious hold is all about. Don’t you think that from the moment I confirmed the appointment on the 18th, and no one showed up on the 19th,  the customer is entitled to be contacted by Verizon  by either phone or e mail to inform us what the problem is? But unfortunately, we have received absolutely no communication. Nothing.

In the stresses and challenges we face after Super Storm Sandy, I would’ve hoped that Verizon would have something in place to advise a customer- any customer for that matter- regardless of Sandy, of a delay or glitch… Verizon you should be ashamed of the quality of your customer service.

I would appreciate a prompt resolution of this issue.


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