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contacting live support people

contacting live support people

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I have a semi-unique problem; perhaps someone knows how to help.  During the Frankenstorm the other day, for a time, my line crossed with someone else's.  I could tell because I could hear them on the line.  Tonight, however, after I made a call, I picked up the phone and my phones were dead-- no dial tone.  Yet, I know the line is active, because I'm on it using my dsl to be on here.  When the online automatic line tester tests the line, it says everything's ok.  Which, technically, it is.  except for the fact that I can not make or receive calls.  And, unlike the rest of the world, I don't have a cell phone.  I tried to find online chat, but apparently that is no longer available.  I can't use the report trouble form because you need a phone for them to call you back on.  and, quite frankly, I'm about to scream in frustration.  Anyone have any ideas where I can find a live human being at verizone online to help me?

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As you have Internet, if your computer has a microphone you *could* try using Google Voice if you have a Google account. I believe it still offers free VoIP service to most numbers until the end of the year. It doesn't do incoming calls (inform the Verizon agent that they will not be able to dial you back if the call is lost, so get that ticket in with a worklog, and make the call to the point) but you can dial out. You just need to log into GMail and install a plug-in. Or, you could try using a neighbor's phone line if it is online.


If your line was crossed with anothers and now it no longer works but DSL continues to work, you may have a case where one of your cables in the pair could have broke. DSL can still operate on a single wire but it will run at a degraded rate and will not be entirely stable. If your line was shorted, it could be possible that the telephone equipment has "shut off" for your line. Many telephone companies configure their gear so that if they are off the hook for an extended time and it's not a real call that it is in, the line will be turned off and checked periodically by the equipment to see if it is still "off the hook." You'll find this can happen if you try to draw DC power from the phone line for too long. This could also be the standard case of a short causing issues with the line, or a case where the line card was damaged and no longer functions properly (I've had lightning do this to a card one. Cooked it and it worked intermittently, but still put power on the line)


If you can, see if you can find your NID and take a corded phone out there and check for dial tone. If there's no dial tone out there, then try the Google Voice method I suggested to call Verizon.


Live chat should be available, though it could be one of those systems where it goes "Offline" if all agents are working at max capacity for chats. You may wish to try reloading this page every now and again to see if the chat option appears: http://www22.verizon.com/content/contactus/contactus.htm

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Chat should be available any time during business hours

Choose “Live Chat.”
If a chat agent is available to assist you, the chat link will become live after the page is fully loaded.

You can also use the Verizon Troubleshooter to fix and report issues with your Verizon Phone, FiOS TV, or Internet Service, as well as to schedule a repair, here is the link:


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We sent you a message on our private support board to assist you and we did not receive a response.  Please repost the issue if you are still experiencing a problem so that we may assist you.  Tonya C.

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