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Addressing the Big Social Issues: Telling Our Story

by Employee Emeritus on ‎08-03-2010 05:25 PM

Tell Our StoryVerizon’s Senior Vice President – Corporate Responsibility Kathy Brown recently talked about Verizon’s commitment to being a good corporate citizen – that is, using our resources to address big social issues, have a positive impact in our communities and build sustainable business practices. 


Kathy points out that Verizon is doing some pretty terrific work in all three areas.  And in a time of economic upheaval, she notes we haven’t wavered from the conviction that the power of technology and innovation – along with good old-fashioned human capital – can help make lives better in the community.


We’ve captured Kathy’s thoughts on our approach to corporate responsibility in six short videos that I’ll be posting over the next few weeks.  This week’s topic: Telling our story. 


To hear more, click this link:  Telling Our Story.

by benvalladares
on ‎08-17-2010 07:49 PM

I am posting a comment via this blog due to lack of options for speaking with anyone in verizon's corporate offices. I have just recently changed my wireless service from verizon to another carrier due to verizon's lack of favorable options for me. Now I am dealing with the internal struggle of determining whether or not to switch all of my,internet, other providers as well. I say this because I am presently dealing with a fios television issue of wrong information being input into my account without resolution in sight after 3 days and 5+ persons including 2 supervisors being contacted. I was denied any information on how to contact a coporate official of any kind. None of your departments...billing, customer service, wireless, tv...etc. have adequate communication with each other in order to resolve issues efficiently or at all. I have never had issues like this with verizon, but there seems to be a downward spiral in the company's trend when it comes to service and customer service. I wonder if I am even being heard or taken seriously.

by Cocomaan
on ‎08-26-2010 11:20 AM;txt


Recently, the RIAA asked Verizon and Google to begin to track user data to make sure that there was no illegal activity going on.


I'd like Verizon to address this recent development.

by Employee Emeritus
on ‎08-26-2010 03:02 PM

To Cocomaan,


We are not aware of any request by the RIAA for Verizon to track user data for evidence of "illegal" activity.  Speaking for Verizon, we do not "track" user data in this way.  We do pass on notices of allegations of infringing activity that copyright owners send to us, but we do not disclose the name or address or any other identifying information from our records to the copyright owner (unless they send us a subpoena, at which point we are required by law to do so).  Moreover, any identification of a Verizon subscriber alleged to have engaged in copyright infringement is done by the copyright owner, not Verizon; we only act on the information they provide.  I hope this answers your question.



by doublebill2
on ‎09-22-2010 02:54 PM - last edited on ‎09-22-2010 02:59 PM by Moderator


Corporate Responsibility Kathy Brown recently talked about Verizon’s commitment to being a good corporate citizen then explain why your are doublebilling me for the same accout phone. I hope with that you don't get back with the SCC OF VA and then Attorney General office does what needs to be done and that is bring criminal charges could be place on Verizon

Attorney General office

Office of Consumer Affairs
PO Box 1163
Richmond, Va 23218
(804) 786-2042
Toll Free in VA ONLY: 1-800-552-9963

There also are three local consumer affairs offices in Virginia.  If the business is located in one of these localities, you should contact the office in that locality:

City of Alexandria
Fairfax County
City of Virginia Beach



{edited for privacy}

I have been trying to correct a problem with Verizon. You have been trying to double bill me now for 45 Days for two accounts. I have had the SCC of VA to talk to Verizon and was told that the problem was fix. When I went to my PO BOX this morning I found two bills for the same service. {edited for privacy}


I call and again got the run around. I then call you Headquarters in New York {edited for privacy}. They listen then said hold and then hung up. I have call the SCC of VA and told them what has happen today in trying to fix this problem. After talking to them I call the Attorney General office and explain on what happen and if they would get involved. They talk to the SCC and call me back and said if Verizon did not fix the problem that they would look at bring charges against Verizon for double billing.


I have tried everything I know to get Verizon to fix this and now with criminal charges could be place on Verizon just may be you will listen.

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