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Pressing Problems Deserve Powerful Answers: Verizon’s 2013 Corporate Responsibility Supplement

by Employee ‎03-18-2014 04:51 PM - edited ‎03-18-2014 04:53 PM

By Rose Stuckey Kirk,

Vice President of Global Corporate Citizenship and President of the Verizon Foundation


Today, Verizon released its 2013 Corporate Responsibility Supplement, and I invite you to take a look because this past year has been one of tremendous impact and breakthrough. At Verizon, we believe technology can provide powerful answers to the big challenges in our world, and last year – again and again – we saw the reality of this belief unfold in communities across the globe.


In the report you will read stories of how we’re working with leading nonprofit innovators to overcome challenges in education, healthcare and energy management, and how we’re expanding access to advanced mobile and cloud technologies in underserved communities.


To close the achievement gap in science and math, we provided teachers at 24 underserved schools around the country with on-going training and support on how to effectively integrate mobile technology into their instruction. The results are impressive: teachers reported that 37 percent of their students showed increased academic achievement and 59 percent of teachers were individualizing instruction more. It’s a powerful training model that works, and we’re expanding the program to reach teachers in every state as part of a public/private-sector initiative announced in February 2014 by President Obama.


Ed for blog.jpeg


In healthcare, we are using technology to enhance access to quality care in underserved communities. In the U.S., healthcare costs nearly $3 trillion a year, and 75 percent of costs are due to chronic disease. Technology can dramatically improve productivity in this system; bring vast, immediate improvements to care; and transform people’s lives for the better. For instance, by equipping Children’s Health Fund buses in key cities with 4G LTE wireless technology and other health IT solutions, Verizon is helping to save 4,000 hours of administrative work a year, enabling medical staff to provide more effective, real-time care for underserved children and families.


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Similarly, mobile and cloud technologies provide the tools for people and institutions to use energy more efficiently. We’ve teamed up with Pecan Street Inc., a Texas-based energy research group, on a home energy trial that will empower consumers in underserved communities to make smarter choices about their energy use.


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Our report also highlights steps Verizon is taking to ensure we are acting responsibly in all our operations. Our progress includes an amendment to our Supplier Code of Conduct that explicitly protects workers’ freedoms; the launch of a Transparency Report; and a $100 million investment in green energy.


I invite you to read more about how we are applying our technology to solve big challenges, accelerating social change and creating value for our shareowners and the communities we serve.



by ohnonothimagain
on ‎03-24-2014 03:29 PM - last edited on ‎03-24-2014 04:16 PM by Moderator

Pressing Problems Deserve Powerful Answers: Verizon’s 2013 Corporate Responsibility ???


This is a REAL statement made by a REAL person? Where is your corporate RESPONSIBILITY to giving me the Internet that I pay for and deserve? Why in the past 2+ years have technicians been out to my place 7-8-9 or more times to try and "fix" my internet connectivity? Why do you promise HIGH SPEED INTERNET when the best I can get on most days is 1-2 megabytes a second? I cannot have more than one thing using the internet at a time or the bandwidth gets so bogged down my Netflix rountinly collapses ? Where is your corporate responsibility on this? Why do I have to SUFFER with download speeds less than what I had when I had dial-up service in the '90's? Why is Verizon SO CHEAP that they'd rather keep putting bandaids on serious service issues rather than spend the money to bring FIOS to my area? When the FIOS fiber-optic cables are less than 1/4 mile from where I live? This is corporate responsibility? Technicians have told me time and time again that until and unless Verizon replaces old copper wiring with fiber optic that these issues will not go away. I got Verizon primarily because of your so-called "high speed" internet service. What is corporate responsibiliy when I can't get the sevice I pay for? 


{edited for privacy}

by DoraLorraine
on ‎04-10-2014 07:48 AM

Corporate Responsibility should start with your customers you already have. All that do good stuff is fine but if you have customers that are paying for your service and not recieving it don't you think that's your responsibility.  I'm in a very similar place as LawrenceC and I've been paying for a service that I was finally told by a technitian that the lines are not capable of those speeds you need to be lowered to the lowest speed. I was told I could not be refunded for being charged for what was not even possible because we don't know what you were charged.  Excuse me, It's on each and every bill what I was being charged and for what.  Now I check and it again says I have enhanced speed and I'm sure I'm being charged the higher amount and that's why my internet is slow as a snail.  I can't believe I've been going through this slow connection for more than 6 years and I"ve even moved. I was hoping this would help but no it hasn't. I want my money back for a service I'm being charged for which actually makes my connection even slower. I'd like to send an email to Verizon but they don't give you that option.  I figure no one will even know this is here so I'll put it on websites just for this purpose and word of mouth goes a long way too. I think I'll check with the BBB to see if they can do something about it. It is wrong what they are doing.

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