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Game Server Hosted on Verizon Small Business Fios Internet, Clients recieving high pings.

Game Server Hosted on Verizon Small Business Fios Internet, Clients recieving high pings.

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Hi, I recently upgraded from residential fios to small business fios, because I decided to host servers. I am hosting Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 servers. I thought that small business was enough for 6 servers, but it wasn't. I've been monitoring clients that have connected to my server in the US and their pings are from 110-400. I've been wondering, is this usually? I've tried numerous things from trace routing my IP to see the problem and adjusting stuff in my router. No luck. My server is directly connected to the router which the coax is connected to.


Here are my speed test results.


Download: 18.49 Mb/s

Upload: 2.88 Mb/s




Oh and Verizon also blocked port 80, I'm not sure the reason of this even though I have small business. I need that port open for hosting several sites.




If anyone has any solutions then please reply back. Thanks. Smiley Happy

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Oh, and the server is hosted at my home.

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Theres a lot more than bandwidth to ping times. Try a tracert from you to the person in question. You will see each hop and the ping on the way to each. Sometimes a hop between you and the other person is acting up, other times you're just behind too many routers to make things work fast. I run Hosted Game Servers (http://www.hostedgameservers.com) myself and I can attest to the difference in hops between a home connection and a real well peered data center. Think about starting at the end of a spiderweb and traveling to the other side instead of starting toward the middle where there are less connections to pass through. While you may be able to upload and download fast, you have a ways to go before you can necessarily host game servers with low pings!
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