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Read Tweets From Our Live Twitter Chat: Featuring Author Steven Sisler

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Read Tweets From Our Live Twitter Chat: Featuring Author Steven Sisler

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Below you will find the Twitter chat history the Verizon Small Business team had with feature author Steve Sisler, “There’s More to Management Than a Big Desk.”   Steve is CEO of The Behavioral Resource Group Inc., a motivational speaker, teacher, coach and an Agent of Change.   He shared some great information on the importance of hiring the right people to help grow your business.  To read his guest post click here (


Be sure to read from the bottom up.



damart08 Thanks @stevesisler for chatting with us and answering Qs tonight & thanks 2 @VZSmallBiz from @Verizon 4 hosting #smallbiz#bizbooks chat! -7:19 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz Last call to ask @stevesisler a Q on hiring or even management advice to grow your #smallbiz #bizbooks -6:55 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A10b With behaviors certain styles get along better than others#bizbooks -6:55 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A10 @vzsmallbiz 4 Behaviors are Mad, Glad, Sad, and Scared. We all have these 4 attributes in differing intensities. #bizbooks -6:55 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz Q10 @stevesisler You mention 4 types of behavior on your website, what are they? #bizbooks -6:53 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A9b @vzsmallbiz With relationship management creating a “family” atmosphere is far more productive. #bizbooks -6:52 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A9 Relationship management is developing relationships with your people and peers as opposed to just working with them. #bizbooks -6:50 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz Q9 @stevesisler In your book, you mentioned “relationship management” – what is it? #bizbooks -6:49 PM Aug 25th, 2011

ellen_yu great conversation with @stevesisler and @vzsmallbiz #bizbooks -6:48 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A8 @vzsmallbiz People are the “end” not a means to an end.#bizbooks -6:48 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz Q8 @stevesisler Your mantra is “relationships are primary not instrumental.” What does that mean? #bizbooks -6:43 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A7c Leadership is also about utilizing talented team members#bizbooks -6:41 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A7b @vzsmallbiz Leadership is also allowing more to happen rather than “making” things happen #bizbooks -6:40 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A7 @vzsmallbiz Stop being an achiever and start being a receiver. #bizbooks -6:40 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz Q7 @stevesisler You mention a “new leadership model” in your book Can you define it? #bizbooks -6:36 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A6c Also @vzsmallbiz If people hate their job then they should leave #bizbooks -6:35 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A6b When working people should stop measuring the atmosphere and regulate it #bizbooks -6:35 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A6 @vzsmallbiz People need to be real and open, work from the heart more than the head #bizbooks -6:34 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz Hi @power30under30 thanks for the RT - do you have any Qs for@stevesisler #bizbooks -6:29 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz Q6 @stevesisler What are some of the changes people need to make at work? #bizbooks -6:28 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A5b Hire right by having the right foot forward in the interview, left foot forward 6 months later #bizbooks -6:25 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A5 @vzsmallbiz consider using a profiling expert & cover all the bases. Conduct personal interviews instead of professional ones. #bizbooks-6:25 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz Q5 @stevesisler How do #smallbiz hire right the first time? #bizbooks -6:24 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A4c @vzsmallbiz Attila’s (Get in – Get out – or get run over), and Manipulators. #bizbooks -6:23 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A4b @vzsmallbiz issues also include Passive’s (Hunker in the bunker and fail to communicate) #bizbooks -6:20 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A4 @vzsmallbiz Issues include verbal aggressive types (talk too much), Dominants (Always use fear as a motivator) #bizbooks -6:20 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz Q4 @stevesisler What are some of the main personality issues at many companies? #bizbooks -6:17 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler . @damart08 True. You need to manage with others in view. Relationships are primary not instrumental. #bizbooks -6:17 PM Aug 25th, 2011

damart08 @stevesisler Good Point! Thanks for being here tonight #Bizbooks-6:15 PM Aug 25th, 2011

damart08 @stevesisler I think new Managers get lost in the clouds of their own vision.they want to leave a mark and in doing so get lost #bizbooks -6:14 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A3 @vzsmallbiz People quit their boss, poor communication, lack of empowerment, and boredom #bizbooks. -6:14 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz Q3 @stevesisler What are some of the main reasons why people quit their job? #bizbooks -6:14 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler . @damart08 The first thing new managers should do is feed foreword. "What do you need from me as a leader" Better than feed back.#bizbooks -6:12 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz @damart08 please send your mailing address to vzsmallbiz at to get #free copy @stevesisler's book #bizbooks -6:11 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz Ask @stevesisler a now to get a free copy of his book #bizbooks -6:09 PM Aug 25th, 2011

damart08 @VZSmallBiz @stevesisler What advice do you have for new managers? What should be first on the agenda for new managers?#bizbooks -6:08 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A2b Also @vzsmallbiz employers hire wrong people b/c they never get personal in the interviews #bizbooks -6:08 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A2 @vzsmallbiz Many employers hire wrong people b/c they are “sold” during an interview by prospects #bizbooks -6:08 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz #smallbiz join our live Twitter chat now w/ author and #smallbizowner @stevesisler tips on hiring for growth #bizbooks -6:08 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz Q2 @stevesisler Why do many #business leaders hire the wrong people? #bizbooks -6:06 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler Join my live Twitter chat now with @VzSmallBiz search#bizbooks -6:05 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A1b Also, leaders shouldn’t add too much worth by injecting their opinion into every matter #bizbooks -6:05 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler A1 @vzsmallbiz Promoting the “doers” instead of the “leaders.” Not wanting others to fail, but needing them too #bizbooks -6:04 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz Q1 @stevesisler What are the top three mistakes managers and leaders make? #bizbooks -6:04 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz Please welcome @SteveSisler author, CEO of The Behavioral Resource Group Inc., coach and an Agent of Change -6:01 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz #smallbiz get your Qs ready for @stevesisler and get a free copy of his book #bizbooks -5:58 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz #businesses hire the right employees to help grow your #bizGet tips from @stevesisler in 8 minutes search #bizbooks -5:52 PM Aug 25th, 2011

deidrem RT @Verizon#smallbiz Follow @VZSmallBiz and join live chat w/ author @stevesisler at 6 pm ET get tips to hiring the best #bizbooks -5:09 PM Aug 25th, 2011

Verizon #smallbiz Follow @VZSmallBiz and join live chat w/ author@stevesisler at 6 pm ET get tips to hiring the best #bizbooks -5:06 PM Aug 25th, 2011

ellen_yu #smallbiz we have a #live Twitter chat with behavorial coach@stevesisler at 6 pm ET get your Qs ready use #bizbooks -4:12 PM Aug 25th, 2011

VZSmallBiz #smallbiz we have a #live Twitter chat with behavorial coach@stevesisler at 6 pm ET get your Qs ready use #bizbooks -4:12 PM Aug 25th, 2011

stevesisler This Thursday, August 25, at 6 p.m. ET, Steve will be available for a full hour on Twitter (#bizbooks) to answer questions on how to manage… -4:22 PM Aug 24th, 2011

DanitaBlackwood RT @VZSmallBiz: Please welcome this week's featured author @stevesisler A part of -11:11 AM Aug 24th, 2011

rpachter Next Biz Books Club selection announced: #investing #business #books -10:22 PM Aug 23rd, 2011

VZSmallBiz Please welcome this week's featured author @stevesisler A part of #bizbooks -2:27 PM Aug 23rd, 2011

AskSunday LIVE Twitter Chat (#bizbooks) this Thursday (6 pm ET) Featuring Author Steven Sisler -1:18 PM Aug 23rd, 2011

stevesisler This Thursday, August 25, at 6 p.m. ET, Steve will be available for a full hour on Twitter (#bizbooks) to answer questions about his book. -10:06 AM Aug 22nd, 2011


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