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Average Angel Investment is $?,???,???

Average Angel Investment is $?,???,???

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These facts on angel investing from Entrepreneurship Professor Scott Shane were enlightening:


Prof. Shane notes that only 21% of angels meet the Securities and Exchange Commission’s requirements for being an “accredited investor” – or an individual making $250,000 annually or more, or a couple making $350,000 or more (or net worth of more than $1 million). What’s more, the majority of angels don’t end up making money on their investments, and only 2% of businesses they invest in eventually become IPOs. And, only 15% of angels do “extensive” research on the sectors of the businesses they fund.  In a nutshell, the median angel investment is only around $10,000. 

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It's my understanding that the SEC wants more regulation for Angel Investors which may reduce their average investment or decrease the number of investments made by angel investors.


The Financial Services Indusrtry and Investment community will suffer under more regulation and higher tax environment which will make raising capital more difficult and expensive.


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Would make sense...  The amount of energy/resources (mental, emotional, physical, and financial) it takes to start, grow, and run a successful business is astounding.  We need to encourage more "micro-financing" by pooling interested parties together and introducing them to fledgling entrepreneurs.


Here in Dallas, Texas, we have CoHabitat, a coworking space for developers, creatives and entrepreneurs in the Dallas area. Located in the historic State-Thomas area, it's just a stone’s throw from downtown and within walking distance of some of the best food, pubs, and cafés in the city.  Follow @CoHabitat for event updates on when they host area angels. 


Thanks for the comments!

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Earning the respect of warnting the attention of the angel investor is not easy, without using haggling tactic of spam. Believing in building a demand on what to days customer need are difficult to predict. Working on concept, there is residual growth strategy tied to providing goods for the average family. Presenting a portfolio to the angel investor to help fund and raise liquitity for small business concept with global implaction is the guidence a small business needs.

Finding the right colabration cloud will help guide a productive future with a precise fundamental.

The only way to learn is to listen to the best, thanks for the direction.
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