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Certification as a Woman-Owned Business???Is it worth the hassle?

Certification as a Woman-Owned Business???Is it worth the hassle?

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Where can I find information about how to get my business certified as women-owned? I’ve researched several sites online including the U.S. Small Business Administration, but I’m not really finding an easy answer. I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to research but I want to know if there’s an easier way to sort through all the information out there and what the advantages are to becoming certified.

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Hi Judy -

You didn't say what type of business it is you own - is it the type where being a woman/owner would make a difference to your clients?  My business (web design/development) is not really dependent on whether I am male or female - it depends on the work I do.


If "certification" will work in your favor, and generate more clients than NOT pursuing this, then go for it.  In my case, it wouldn't likely make a significant difference; I've not even considered using the fact that I am a woman small-business owner as a selling point - my work is my sales generator. I didn't even know you could get certified as a "Woman-Owned Business"!!!

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Actually its great to get registered as a "women owned business", especially if you want to get government contracts. There are certain contracts where they have to give consideration to women or minority owned businesses.  I registered my business and it opened us up to lots of opportunities...however it was several years ago and I don't remember exactly how I did it..sorry.

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I have a consulting business and thought it’s not important to be certified as Women-Owned I often hear about a lot of businesses that are.

I was curious what the benefits were, if there was grant money available, or if there would be an advantage when applying for contracts if I was certified as Women-Owned.

Thank you for all the good input!  I will continue doing research and appreciate your thoughtful responses.  I will keep checking back on this thread in case others want to chime in!


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I haven't yet looked into this organization, but I did sign up last year for the National Association of Professional Women - don't waste your money or your time! They charge a lot for dues and offer you very little discounts you can actually use, and they don't offer very good promotion for you and your business. Basically you get an online business profile, but there are a ton of more reputable sites that offer free business profiles, Verizon being one.


I guess what I am saying is, if you see a real benefit to get certified, or join an organization to become a member, make sure there is really value in it for you, and weigh the costs (including your time!) to really be sure you get what you pay for. I'm sticking with free sites for promoting my business and networking from now on.



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