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Million-Dollar Idea. Profit Sharing Model.

Million-Dollar Idea. Profit Sharing Model.

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Hello VZW,


I have an application idea and service that would make both myself and Verizon Wireless millions of dollars easily. However, other than needing an NDA to discuss it, I don't know who to contact with the VZW marketing executives to pitch the idea as a profit sharing model. Does anyone know how to get in contact with the right person? Otherwise I will have to take the idea to a freelance programmer and work with him/her first, then release it. I would prefer VZW in-house developers to do the job, since they know the inside of the network and so on. Please assist! Thanks ahead of time Smiley Happy



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Hi Chris,


This sounds exciting! Hope you find someone to share your idea with soon!



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P.S., I recall seeing a helpful post by ellen_vzblogger in the Small Business Advertising and Marketing board. Maybe she can point you in the right direction!

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LinkedIn is probably the best way to find the right person/department and make the connection. Try doing an advanced search in LinkedIn to find people that work at Verizon in the department or departments you think are likely to be responsible for this type of product development. You might already have a connection in your network that can help you get to the appropriate person or department. If not, you could upgrade to LinkedIn Pro to send them an email directly. There might even be a free 30 day trial available.


Best of luck to you!


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You can use twitter or Linkedin to get in touch with the right person. I understand the process, there are a lot of free loaders out there looking to steal ideas. Get yourself an attorney to draw up the agreement for you and try to set up a meeting place. Best of luck.

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