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Copper Contributor FairfaxKid
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎08-08-2008
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With all the questions concerning Verizon Call Assistant, could the moderators create a topic specifically for Call Assitant?

Moderator Emeritus Moderator Emeritus
Moderator Emeritus
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Hi FairfaxKid


Unfortunately, we cannot start a board for each feature that Verizon offers, or the forum would become very unorganized.

We do sometimes merge threads, such as the many questions on Media Manager, which were grouped into three sub-topics. However, there have to be enough posts/threads on a single issue to merge them. It would not be very efficient for users to have to sort through a long thread just to find their particular problem.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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If we were talking about call forwarding or FIOS TV Menu, I might agree.  It sure would be helpful if all Verizon Call Assistant (VCA) message threads were grouped together some how.   I was searching for a recent VCA posting using the search feature but could only remember the gist of the message and not enough for the search engine to find it.   After 20 minutes I gave up and that poster never got the benefit of my response.



I'm with fairfaxkid....let's revisit the ida to put all of the vca stuff in a single place.  The recent upgrade caused enough problems that people are posting in several places.  Just my 2cents worth

Moderator Emeritus Moderator Emeritus
Moderator Emeritus
Posts: 6,232
Registered: ‎04-29-2009
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I will take that to the powers that be, and see if next week they would permit us to create a single thread within the Home Phone/Landline board. It's a reasonable idea, and we'll see how it flies.


Happy Holidays!


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