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Community User ID

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So, I found the answer to my question and I don't need my Community User ID account on here anymore. Any way I can delete it or close my account? I'd rather not keep receiving forum email updates.

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If you don't want to receive emails from these forums from the main screen after you have logged in go to:


My Settings (from the top)

Subscriptions and Bookmarks

Email Subscriptions

Delete the ones you are subscribed to



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That gets rid of emails from the forum but what about other updates? Is there a way to just delete my account or profile from here? I'd rather do that than receive offers and advertisements.

Silver Contributor IV
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I can check with one of the vz admins and have them contact you directly via private message. I don't get any emails from the forums except those I am subscribed to.
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That sounds great jumpin68ny. I would really appreciate that.

Admin Emeritus
Admin Emeritus
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Mygreens, you shouldn't be getting any email other than from things you subscribe to.


The community doesn't send out any offers or advertisements to our community members. You may want to keep your account for anything in the future.
If you still want to delete your forums account, please contact me via private message.
Youw won't get an email if you are unsubscribed from forums emails, so you'll need to check your personal messages. Click your username or go to your profile and you'll see a link to new personal message on the right of the screen, as well as a link to Private Message just above your profile icon.
Admin Emeritus
Admin Emeritus
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Thanks for the help with this !



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