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Everything is good in Moderation....

Everything is good in Moderation....

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Platinum Contributor II
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I just wanted to give some feedback and general kudos to the Mods of this place. I know sometimes Mods aren't so greatly appreciated in online communities; but these Verizon forums are a great example of how a moderated community can become very helpful and generally a good place to interact with people where everyone has something in common: Verizon service. The Mods I think do a great job of watching over the forums. They're not constantly editing every post because someone posts something negative about Verizon or loopholes for their policies; but they do step in when things get out of hand or when posts go off topic . Smiley Wink


So what they do here really creates a very positive experience for the people who wish to post or just browse around. I'm glad that the terms of service don't really allow for any type of negative experience (flaming, cursing..etc) and that the Mods do keep these types of action in check.


So thank you oh Mighty and Wonderful Mods. Thank you for all that you do.


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Silver Contributor V
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I second that.
Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today!
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Why thank you, kind sir. We do our best. And if any user, new or longtime resident has a problem with the boards or other users, we are always available via PM.



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