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FiOS Personal Account Manager for Forums & BBR Verizon Forums

FiOS Personal Account Manager for Forums & BBR Verizon Forums

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Verizon's inital attempt of a Personal Account Manager (PAM) failed but that's because of major flaws in the program. The PAM needs to have the ability to directly make changes to the account and not just attempt to pass along the info to the mainstream CS reps.


The Verizon Direct forum that already exists over at BBR is a step in the right direction. However, Verizon needs to take it all the way by drastically improving their customer service and billing system because that is the weakest link in their system. Customers who have repeated issues and don't see an improvement because of the failed system are turning away from FiOS which is obviously bad for business.


I suggest at least having a PAM for the online community that can make direct changes to accounts due to billing, technical, or other customer service issues. I believe providing the online community with a PAM would be a big step in improving overall customer service, provide convience, and get overall positive satisfaction that Verizon desperately needs in its customer service. These improvements would make FiOS an even better service than it already is.


Please feel free to add further suggestions and comments.

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Thank you, defaultPlayer, for this honest and well thought out post.  I will do my best to ensure that the right people see your comments.





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Good point, though there will always be a purpose of outside forums to deal with issues and discussions which may have conflicts of interests with Verizon, so those forums will always be used.  Often the users there will be highly motivated and technically inclined, so it may remain an equally useful place to reference, even if Verizon created their own community.

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Moved to its own thread in General Residential Products and Services for greater exposure. New title: Making phone and internet access a necessity.

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