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Forum access is pathetic

Forum access is pathetic

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Chris - thanks so much for your help.  It works!  I am here using Firefox - finally, after I first tried years ago.


Can you do something so that your solution is automaticallly supplied into NoScript - Advanced - XSS when folks sign up here?


It's a start.  As you are the only person who has ever addressed this problem and provided a solution -- and, yes, I complained before -- please continue fixing this site.  There are other issues, notably how slow it responds when we do anything.


Thanks again.

Contributor janeylee
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Whatever "fix" was aplied to forum registration was incomplete. Do these people QA their work at all?


When I attempted to signin with my usual "myVerizon" user pass, I got user/pass error messages. When I made a new account, it told me that my preferred username "mrspabs" had not allowed characters.

Contributor Not-a-Tech
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The Forum itself is pathetic.  I only wish I had access to the customer feedback prior to subscribing to this service.  It is impossible to elicit support, obtain a paper bill, or speak to an unautomated agent.  So far I've been given 3 different addresses to send my payment to, in 3 different states.  Gotta love this.


Copper Contributor redhorseridge
Copper Contributor
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I know this is an old thread, but apparently the issues are NOT solved.


I have had nothing but problems accessing this forum. I posted a problem, a reprentative replied and suggested I got to my forum home page and check out "my support cases."  Well, I can't get there. Most of the time it refuses to log me in; when I get logged in, and get to my profile page, there is no such thing as "my support cases."  After numerous attempts, I was able to FINALLY get into my support cases, but when I clicked on anything, I got a page full of XML... 


Is there a particular browser we should use? Do we need to do something with cookies? HOW can we access these forums consistently?

Moderator Emeritus Moderator Emeritus
Moderator Emeritus
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The first thing to do is clear your cache and cookies. If you still have issues try a second browser.


Most of the access issues reported, have to do with choosing the correct sign in ID.  For example, you are using your residential ID.  You must be sure to select that option at the beginning of the sign in.   


If you still have issues, feel free to private message me.


Moderator Emeritus Moderator Emeritus
Moderator Emeritus
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As this thread is now over two years old, it will be locked in order to keep discussions current. If you have the same or a similar question/issue we invite you to start a new thread on the topic.

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