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How Forum Posts are Moved or Deleted

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Copper Contributor
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How Forum Posts are Moved or Deleted

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My suggestion:

When posts are removed, it should not be based on Verizon's short sighted PR concerns, but decision should be made with customer advocate group's involvement.  Here is an example:


Recently I generated several posts -- an idea exchange, a new thread, and two follow-ups.  All are removed except one new thread, which is moved to landphone section (although it is FIOS internet and TV service).  


1. ElizabethS, who is a Verizon employee, emailed me that new idea exchange is related to my complaint and not qualified as a new idea.  I cannot disagree more.  First I got two 'yes' votes when I checked last time, and actually I suggested things that can improve customer service of Verizon --

(A). Share the same data among sales, billing, technical support.  When my service was wrongly disconnected, I phone call was transferred from sales, billing, technical servie, and they talked differently and billing supervisor even insisted that my service was disconnected on 7/21 while it was actualy 7/24, and agreed by other departments.

(B). Replay the recorded phone conversation as customer requests to confirm what actually requested by customers.  I asked the billing supervisor (named Dan) to replay the phone conversation I had before to check the actual date when request was made and requested disconnection date, he said he did not have access, and kept saying to me that my service was disconnected on 7/21 and it was requested by me.  Funny because I used the service until 7/24 morning... On 7/21 I called Verizon to disconnect my service on 7/29, but there is no way to confirm it without replaying the phone conversation. 

(C) provide service representative ID so that the service/phone conversation can be traced back by customers (I am not asking revealing personal information of the representatives).  My service was reconnected after about 3 hours on the phone.  Then, I received an email with estimated bill.  It showed me that I should pay $69.99 "Internet Activation Fee", which was promised by a representative to be waived.  I called back and billing department said there is no note to waive, and they would not waive it. In my view, my service should not be disconnected, and I should not pay any activation fee due to the reconnection from Verizon's mistake.  However, only with the name of representative(name: Holly), I cannot trace back who mentioned that the fee would be waived, or replayed the phone conversation, and the billing department just denied my waive request until I was very upset and tried to escalate.  If I had got representative ID or phone coversation ID that allows the replay, my experience would have been much better and issues would be resolved easily/quickly.


2.  I requested to ElizabethS to recover my post she deleted from Idea Exchange (above 3 suggestions).  However, she ignored my email to her (private email section).  


3.  If Verizon wants to be thrive in customer service, social network, and PR area, it should not manage social media based on short-sighted and shallow view to try to move/delete negative comments.  Particularly deleting the post based on Verizon's one employee will hurt the reputation of Verizon and Verizon's social media management.   Either customer advocate group inside Verizon or external customer advocate group should be involved to move/delete the posts, given that there are many other social media and the deleted posts can be reposted with tail of "Verizon deleted this", which will eventually hurt more than quickly resolve issues.

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Re: How Forum Posts are Moved or Deleted

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You will need to check your post that was escalated to private support.  ElizabethS ( a moderator, not an employee) has given you instructions on that thread on how to access your private support case to interact with a support agent.  They will not see your posts on the public forums.


Your posts that were removed were due to them being duplications of the thread that was escalated.

If a forum member gives an answer you like, give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer that solved your issue as the accepted solution.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: How Forum Posts are Moved or Deleted

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I have not been given answers.  A representative who chatted with me said that s/he would try but could not be sure, and would send me an email...

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