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colors, time on line, floating "Suggestions" box

colors, time on line, floating "Suggestions" box

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I'm just curious.  When I look at the forums, some people's names are in various colors.  On this page, I see brown, bold brown, red (my name is red), bold red, mustard, grey, bold grey, blue, and purple.  Most names do not have colors.  I have not been able to find out what these colors mean.  When you answer, please also tell me where you found this information.

I'm also curious about the listings for members currently on line on the forums.  After the minutes on line column, another column is titled "idle."  I assumed that meant idle minutes on line, but mine says "0," and I always leave a page open and go off and do something else for a while and come back, so it can't mean that.  What does it mean?

Finally, I saw that another member mentioned getting rid of the floating "Suggestions" symbol on the bottom right, "Click here to rate this page."  I'd like to second that.  It seems to be on every website and it's extremely annoying.  Does anyone ever use it?

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Verizon | Forums and Blogs - Verizon Community : Verizon Community Information Center : Community Announcements : Verizon Community Ranking System


This does not specifically mention the colors, but the color is based on your ranking. I have tried to give an approximation below. (I don't have the exact colors they are using on hand.)


Default/Contributor - black
Copper Contributor - dark orange
Nickel Contributor - bold dark gray/green
Bronze Contributor - bold dark orange
Silver Contributor - bold purple
Gold Contributor - bold yellow
Platinum Contributor - unknown (Anyone have this?)

Employee/Mod - bold red

AllStar/MVP - blue

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Thanks so much.  I had looked at that page, but the colors look  different to me and bold red and blue aren't listed, so I wasn't able to match them up with the rankings.  

I searched for Platinum Contributors and none came up,  just two contributors whose name included the word, platinum.  

I'm giving you kudos for your answer, but I'm not going to mark the solution as accepted yet.  I'm waiting to see if anyone else can give me some more information (i.e., where -- if anywhere -- this list of colors appears and what the "idle" column means).  I shouldn't have put more than one question into one message.  I'll try to remember not to do that next time.

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Somegirl has done a good job with posting the ranking colors associated with different ranks.  The admins and moderators tried to match the "metal" colors to the appropriate ranks as closely as possible.  Some of the other rank colors are the default colors in the community software.


As for the idle time that you see when viewing the users online module, if you are looking at that page, you will show as 0 minutes idle.  However, if you left the tab open with navigating around on the community and signed into the community using a different browser and went to that page, you would see how many minutes you've been idle under the original sign in/browser.  That also explains why some usernames will show up multiple times, as they may be signed in with different browsers and each login session will generate a different idle time based on the activity in a specific browser.


There is a defaul session timeout of 2 hours per sign on community login.  At that point, your username would drop off the users online list until you sign back in.  Hope this all answers your question. 

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Bronze Contributor II
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Thank you, KaLin. I never would have figured out how idle time works. I'm going to go ahead and mark both solutions as accepted.
(When I went to do this, I couldn't find the box to check. I realized that even though I was welcomed up on the top right of the page, with the option to sign out, that doesn't count as being signed in, so I signed in again and then was able to find the box. This may explain why many people don't mark their solutions as accepted. They were able to read their message and its solution and thought that they were signed in, but then they didn't see the box to check and didn't pursue it.)
I learned long ago that I'm not signed in for two weeks, even though I've checked that box.
Except for my DVR occasionally resetting itself when I'm watching something, I don't have any issues with FiOS to complain about (knocking on my wooden desk here), so I have the leisure to wonder about things that I'm sure no one else cares about...
*I had intended to check both the solutions of somegirl and yourself as accepted, but apparently I can only do that for one message in a thread. I guess that makes sense.
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