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5 Interesting Sources for Seasonal Employees

5 Interesting Sources for Seasonal Employees

5 Interesting Sources for Seasonal Employees

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎11-21-2016 01:54 PM

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The holiday season is upon us, and many small businesses must supplement their regular staff in order to meet customer needs and continue to provide excellent service.


Where should you look for qualified seasonal employees? Running an ad in the newspaper or other logical places is an option, as is connecting with a temporary staffing agency.  In addition to these “mainstream” sources, here are five sources that you may not have thought of:


Contact your local high school or college. Many students have a long break during the holidays and would welcome the opportunity to make some extra money with seasonal employment. Depending on what type of help you need, a local college or high school could be an excellent source. Contact their main administration office and let them know what you need; they can steer you to the right person or department.


Bring out retirees. At the other end of the age spectrum, people who have retired from full time employment could be excellent seasonal staff. Put the word out in retirement communities or contact local senior centers to find candidates.


Check with your employees. Your employees know your business almost as well as you do, and they are likely to know people who can fit in to operations as seasonal help. They may also be more motivated to mentor and help temporary staff when acquaintances are involved.


Talk to your customers. Your customers may be as familiar with your business as your employees. Let your most frequent patrons know that you are hiring for the holidays and they may step forward or bring in family members or friends to fill out applications.


Look to similar businesses. A catering company may find seasonal help among the wait staff of a restaurant. A computer store might appeal to freelance programmers or tech support experts as employment during a usually slow period. Check out businesses in your community that are complementary to yours and you may find a pool of qualified and motivated seasonal candidates.


Wherever you source your seasonal staff, now is the time to act. Figure out the openings you need to fill, decide how they will be selected and trained, and put the word out in the right places so that you generate interest and action from the right candidates.

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